Xantech Provides Suburban Cincinnati Town Hall With Flexible and Affordable Control of Newly Upgraded A/V System

In large-scale residential or commercial A/V installations, a single, multi-zone control system is often the logical solution. However, when working in a smaller space, a more affordable infrared IP-based solution may very well meet all control requirements. That’s why, when Mark Apple of New Media Frontiers LLC, was commissioned to upgrade the A/V system in Colerain Township’s Council Chamber, he knew a highly-intuitive, ease-to-manage, and affordable Xantech IP solution was the perfect fit for the single-room project.

“We’ve been working with the Colerain Township local government for the last 15 years and any time you partner with the public sector, budget is going to be an important consideration,” said Apple. “However, an affordable solution doesn’t require the sacrifice of A/V control functionality and this installation is proof positive of this reality –Xantech was our ideal control system for the space, regardless of price.”

Apple replaced the Council Chamber’s outdated analog routers and switchers with a sophisticated digital system. An HD audio and conferencing system – comprised of one ClearOne PRO 880TA audio processor, one ClearOne PRO 8i audio input/ output mixer, and one Intelix DIGI P122 digital A/V matrix switch integrated with eight Intelix DIGI HD60SR HDMI over Cat5e transceivers – ensures that high-quality sound is distributed clearly and evenly throughout the 75-person space. This system’s HD audio conferencing component, along with an Epson 1945W 16:9 Projector and Screen, and 15 individual tabletop microphones, are all operated through a Xantech control system comprised of one Xantech XLIP800 processor/controller and one Xantech IPRS232 serial-over-IP control module.

“The beauty of a Xantech IP-addressable system is that all of the A/V equipment within the Council Chamber can be controlled from anywhere in the room, by any iOS or Android smartphone, tablet, or laptop,” continued Apple. “There are no expensive touch panels, remotes, or separate mobile apps to download; using your personal device, you simply enter the IP address and password, a call is made to the Xantech XLIP800, and your customized Xantech control dashboard appears on your screen, providing you with complete control over the room’s audio, video, projector screen and individual microphones.”

Like many government spaces, the Colerain Township Council Chamber is a multi-purpose space, often utilized by different crowds every day of the week. “The local police and fire departments, school board, town government, and even the general public regularly utilize the Council Chamber,” continued Apple. “Xantech offered us not only a functionally-complete and affordable solution, but also a solution that’s intuitive enough to be used by just about anyone, with little to no training required.”

According to Apple, the Xantech solution has repositioned the source of AV control from an equipment closet to any personal mobile device, provided they have the IP password, and Colerain Township is thrilled with this boost in convenience. “The common denominator across all of my Xantech projects is that the system alleviates headaches,” emphasized Apple. “It centralizes the point of control and turns popular mobile devices that you’re already comfortable using – your phone, tablet, or computer – into an AV remote control, all at an affordable price point.”