World’s Largest NanoLumens AWARE™ Network Gets Even Bigger With Two New 40-Foot LED Displays

In 2017, the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC), in conjunction with Cox Business and Hospitality Network, began transforming its digital infrastructure with the integration of NanoLumens’ innovative AWARE™ display management platform that simplifies system monitoring and content distribution for more than 15 LED and LCD displays that are dispersed in nine locations. Now LVCC has expanded its digital footprint in a huge way to maximize its advertising reach for CES and other major trade shows – they worked with Cox Business and Hospitality Network to install two seamless, back-to-back 40-foot NanoLumens LED displays over a main visitor walkway.

According to NanoLumens VP of Sales, West Coast, Dave Merlino, the two new displays add to the world’s largest single-site implementation of the cloud-based NanoLumens AWARE platform, giving the LVCC fast, simple control and monitoring of unlimited digital displays.

“After the successful launch of LVCC’s AWARE infrastructure in early 2017, the convention center wanted to up the ante for CES 2018,” Merlino said. “These huge overhead displays demand attendees’ attention and provide exhibitors and show organizers an unforgettable means to advertise and share information, while our innovative AWARE platform seamlessly integrates them into the same content and monitoring system currently managing the 15 displays that are located throughout the convention center. The expansion capabilities of AWARE will allow LVCC to add and then control and monitor unlimited LCD and NanoLumens LED displays, guaranteeing smooth performance, industry leadership and adaptability to new trends for years to come.

Even though the plans for this large project were finalized just a month before CES 2018, installation was completed five days ahead of schedule, allowing LVCC to test and ensure perfect operation before the consumer electronics show. The new NanoLumens displays were custom designed and built to fit and maximize use of the available space, utilizing a 4mm pixel pitch design, offering 1700 nits of brightness, and weighing less than 3220 pounds, which isn’t possible with paneled LCD videowalls.

The convention center’s NanoLumens’ AWARE network is currently the largest in the world, running more than 15 displays in nine locations, including the two 40-foot NanoLumens LED displays, five single LCD displays, four 4×1 LCD videowalls, four 5×2 LCD videowalls, and one 6×6 LCD videowall.

According to Jady West, Hospitality Network senior director of sales, the NanoLumens LED displays were chosen to provide an ultra-modern, seamless digital display, in contrast to paneled videowalls with bezels. Additionally, the AWARE platform will allow Cox Business and Hospitality Network to scale up for future installations and even provide a simplified means of managing multiple locations if required.

“The speed, flexibility and reliability of the NanoLumens AWARE platform play a major role in helping us to update and manage a network of displays that grows in number and complexity with each passing year,” said West. “AWARE provides us with an unparalleled advantage in a digital world. It combines display diagnostics and support functions with content management services and a robust audience measurement platform. We now have a complete view into every part of our network.”

After releasing a timelapse video of the new NanoLumens installation process, Cox Business and Hospitality Network saw increased interest from clients who recognize the power of such a large, dynamic indoor digital marketing system. Another video shows the incredible volume of foot traffic in the display’s viewable area.

AWARE is a simple, versatile and expandable content and digital display management system that positions users to stay ahead of today’s constantly evolving digital marketing needs. With real-time analytics and engagement measures now playing a crucial role in crafting and improving marketing messages, ad space owners need to offer the latest technologies to meet any customer’s needs.

Improving upon existing options, NanoLumens developed AWARE to help digital display managers maintain and maximize revenue from any size digital infrastructure and take advantage of modern analytics in ways that traditional, narrowly-focused CMS options simply weren’t built for. As a cloud-based system, access is available around the world for 24/7 responsiveness.