World Champion Golfer Lee Westwood Hits a Hole-in-One with an ELAN Entertainment & Control System

Indigo Distribution and Hidden Home Cinema team up to design a whole-home entertainment system anchored by ELAN.

Lee Westwood is one of the only golfers in the world to have won tournaments in five different continents. He’s a PGA Tour icon, and a Ryder Cup mainstay. But when he’s off the course and in relaxation mode, he enjoys kicking back, putting a movie on and listening to music. When designing his new home with that in mind, Lee hired local technology integrator Graeme Henderson from Hidden Home Cinema to build a modern, no-fuss entertainment system for him to enjoy.

“The initial specification of the project was to simply install a television and some speakers into the cinema room, but over a period of a few months, we began adding in other audio and video solutions to heighten the experience,” Graeme explained. “As the scope grew, I knew that a control system, and ELAN in particular, would help to seamlessly integrate all of the technology into one easy app.”

As an experienced installer new to ELAN, Graeme, with technical assistance from Indigo Distribution, found the process intuitive and straightforward. Graeme installed an ELAN gSC2 System Controller accessible through eight ELAN HR200 Remotes and the ELAN Mobile app on Lee’s personal Apple iPad. This way, he is able to use the app to access his ELAN system from anywhere in the world.

“There are two zones of audio, one in the kitchen and the other in the cinema room, which is outfitted with a Surround Sound 7.1 system,” Graeme said. “Lee was looking for a simple yet sophisticated audio system that would integrate with popular streaming services like Spotify and Pandora. That’s precisely what we were able to deliver. Now, he can play any song from any streaming service instantly.”

The home’s video system is controlled by an 8×8 matrix with 4K functionality, which enabled the addition of a 4K satellite receiver, a 4K Blu-ray Disc player, and an XBOX. “We installed five satellite receivers to distribute 4K content to eight new televisions throughout the residence,” Graeme added. “And, since the system is integrated with ELAN, Lee can change the channels on any television from a single remote or the smartphone in his pocket. It’s as easy as can be.”

Since Lee travels frequently, Graeme integrated a sophisticated, remotely-accessible CCTV security system, with eight IP cameras that have a 4TB NAS drive for recording. The security system is integrated into ELAN so that Lee can check footage from anywhere in the world on the ELAN app.

Throughout the integration process, the team worked diligently with Dickinsons Commercial design firm to seamlessly blend the technology with the residence’s contemporary interior. “It was a pleasure to work with Graeme and his team to make Lee’s home a success,” said Rachel McCluskey, Senior Interior Designer at Dickinsons Commercial. “Sometimes working to accommodate technology elements in the space could be intimidating, but we were put at ease once Graeme showed us how sleek the ELAN system is and how it helps to consolidate all of Lee’s media into one means of control.”

Graeme was commissioned to install a “future-proofed wiring infrastructure,” and as the scope of the job changed throughout the build process, the wiring then became relevant for the backbone of the ELAN system. “I would like to thank Indigo Distribution for their support throughout the installation, because they made the process very simple,” Graeme said.

According to Indigo Distribution Managing Director Matthew Booth, Lee is very pleased with the system, and has been surprised by how easy-to-use the ELAN interface really is. “Lee is really satisfied with ELAN and the entertainment system in his new home,” he said, “and the great thing about ELAN is that it’s always expandable. If he ever wants to add climate, irrigation or security control, he can do so easily.”  

Simon Spears, Director of International Sales for ELAN added – “Indigo’s training and technical support team make it easy for their dealers to switch customers from other, less intuitive, smart home systems to the award-winning ELAN system; Kudos to Graeme, Matt and their teams. It was a ‘hole-in-one’.”