Work Nicer Coworking Perfects Flexible BYOD Presentations and Meetings with Airtame

For Alberta, Canada-based coworking company Work Nicer and its more than 1,400 members, there may be nothing more important than maintaining simple, reliable and consistent access to its outposts and technologies, including robust virtual collaboration tools. From its one-stop-shop Work Nicer app, to strong wireless networks and 24/7 mobile door access, everything has to work seamlessly at its six outposts to meet members’ needs.

With virtual collaboration forming an essential aspect of many modern companies’ daily operations, particularly startups, the Airtame wireless screen sharing experience has become a critical component of Work Nicer’s technology infrastructure, ensuring every member can quickly and easily share content from any mobile device or computer to any screen throughout each outpost.

According to Work Nicer’s Achiever of Better, Justin Weleschuk, this flexibility is key to the brand’s member experience and satisfaction, and is necessary to support members’ growth and success.

“In order to attract and retain members, Work Nicer has to support teams of different sizes, locations and even time zones with tools that promote efficiency and simplify communications,” Weleschuk said. “Airtame enables members to give presentations without any technical training. In an environment where different companies are booking the same conference room throughout the day, but may have different needs, Airtame is an ideal solution because it’s easy to log in and out of, it supports any operating system or collaboration software, and provides a consistent, simple meeting experience across all six Work Nicer outposts.”

Work Nicer launched in 2015 and now operates six locations across Alberta, which they call outposts. The company is designed for teams of one to 100, with membership options starting at communal coworking for individuals and teams, to dedicated desks and private office options. Work Nicer’s success stems in part from its ability to deliver an ultra-reliable and consistent day-to-day experience in every room across every outpost.

“Members have told us how valuable it is to be able to jump between different outposts and hold meetings with full trust and knowledge that they have the same capabilities and procedures,” Weleschuk noted. “This community is a second home to members, so providing a familiar and consistent experience across each outpost is the most important thing Work Nicer can do for them.”

Consistency is part of Work Nicer’s branding as well, with outposts presenting a welcoming vibe so every member feels comfortable when visiting a new outpost. Part of that is delivered through rotating Google presentation slides made possible by Airtame’s powerful digital signage capabilities that enable centralized control of any connected TV.

Using this simple multi-TV technology, each outpost can advertise its member benefits, display outpost leader profiles and headshots, promote upcoming events and provide helpful info for new members such as how to connect to WiFi or utilize Work Nicer app functions. This functionality also allows the company to make use of the screens at all times, rather than having them turn off or have a blank screen in between meetings. In fact, as soon as a meeting host disconnects from Airtame, that display immediately reverts to the digital signage broadcast.

Just as the digital signage content can be controlled remotely from a single device, so can the Airtame devices themselves. If there is ever an issue that requires troubleshooting, or even just a question from a member, staff can quickly log in and view the status of every Airtame system across all six outposts, with ability to reset devices, power cycle TVs and more, all without having to travel to the site.

As the business grows, Work Nicer plans to expand their use of Airtame and are looking forward to enhanced future capabilities delivered through software and platform updates. “Work Nicer’s network of Airtame-connected TVs is growing as the business grows, and there will soon be  40 connected displays ready at a moment’s notice to serve members’ needs,”  Weleschuk said. “We’ve already seen how Airtame introduces new features and product enhancements to the platform, so we know it will grow more useful and valuable over time. Working with Airtame has been a great experience for us, and we appreciate all the guidance and support they provide to help us maintain a reliable and awesome environment for all Work Nicer members.”