Wiliot to Welcome the Age of 6G Ambient IoT at MWC 2023 in Barcelona

Wiliot, the Internet of Things pioneer whose IoT platform is enabling trillions of “things” to gain intelligence, will bring to MWC Barcelona 2023 the innovative technology behind its ongoing engagement with wireless standards bodies. The award-winning Wiliot IoT Platform marks one of the earliest examples of ambient IoT, combining Wiliot’s revolutionary, self-powered IoT Pixels and Wiliot Cloud-based analytics to create unparalleled visibility into supply chains, distribution, retail operations, and much more.

Wiliot, a member of 3GPP and participant in 5G and 6G working groups, has played a role in defining the requirements of ambient IoT in emerging applications. Ambient IoT — and the network specifications it requires — has been identified by 3GPP for inclusion in Release 19 for 5G Advanced and, in the future, 6G. It opens the door for wireless carriers and others to deliver interoperable services that will connect billions of wireless devices to trillions of ambient IoT-enabled products, packages, places, food items, plants, livestock, clothes, pharmaceuticals, and more.

At MWC Barcelona 2023, Wiliot will explore this landmark moment in the development of ambient IoT in a presentation titled “6G Ambient IoT: Your Antidote to Supply Chain & Climate Crises,” delivered alongside experts from ABI Research & Deloitte.

Wiliot is backed by many of the telecommunication industry’s leading players, including Verizon, NTT Docomo, Samsung, Softbank, and Qualcomm.

“As 5G Advanced comes online, and we move closer to 6G, MWC Barcelona 2023 represents an important milestone in our progress toward an ambient IoT,” stated Alon Yehezkely, CTO at Wiliot. “For ambient IoT to have the seismic impact it’s capable of, it benefits greatly from being part of the wireless communication standards that already link billions of devices throughout the world. Ambient IoT adds trillions of things to the mix, communicating their location and status in real time and giving companies the intelligence they need to solve their most pressing challenges.”

3GPP’s Release 19 standard, which is the basis of 5G Advanced, defined a series of innovative use cases for ambient IoT – including a Wiliot-supplied use case for protecting and streamlining the fresh food supply chain, was unanimously accepted. By affixing ambient IoT tags, such as Wiliot’s stamp-sized IoT Pixels, to reusable transport items, food distributors and retailers can track food through their supply chains, including temperature, humidity, and other conditions, to maximize freshness and minimize waste.

Already, retailers are adopting Wiliot’s platform and deploying billions of IoT Pixels across their supply chains for greater visibility into everything from distribution, to inventory management, to sales. Wiliot’s battery-free IoT Pixels attach to any product or packaging and connect to the internet through standard networking devices. They include all the compute power, secure communications, and sensor technology needed to create the ambient IoT, yet cost just pennies per IoT Pixel.

For wireless carriers, ambient IoT represents a lucrative source of SaaS revenues in return for the value that they can add to managing networks with trillions of connected devices.

The Wiliot IoT Platform has been recognized as a finalist at the MWC Global Mobile Awards in the “Best Innovation for Climate Action” category. In January 2023, the Wiliot IoT Platform was recognized at NRF 2023 as a VIP Award Winner for the “Best Distribution Innovation” solution.

“Standardization is an important enabler of ambient IoT,” Yehezkely continued. “But what’s equally important is that the technology is available now and has shown impressive results in real-world deployments. Ambient IoT has helped cut food waste, ensure safe delivery of vaccines, and gauge the carbon footprint of supply chains. Now is the time, with coming wireless standards, when the telecommunication industry is set to deliver the true, ubiquitous, ambient IoT that companies have envisaged for decades.”

In addition to its ambient IoT presentation at MWC Barcelona 2023, Wiliot will demonstrate its IoT Platform on the show floor in the 4YFN Future Tech Pavilion (Hall 8.1, Stand 8.1B63.1). Attendees will have a chance to see the future of supply chain operations and more, enabled by the ambient IoT.

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