Wiliot Nabs First VIP Award for Best ‘Best Distribution Innovation’ at NRF 2023’s Vendor in Partnership Award Ceremony

Wiliot, the Internet of Things pioneer whose IoT platform is enabling trillions of “things” to gain intelligence, today announced that its Wiliot IoT Platform has been recognized as a 2023 VIP Award Winner in the “Best Distribution Innovation” category. 

Winners representing the year’s most transformative and breakthrough solutions were announced at the VIP Award Ceremony on Friday, January 13th. In addition to Wiliot, other category finalists include Logicbroker, Logility, Manhattan Associates, and ProGlove.

The award win comes on the heels of a year that has seen dramatic revenue growth driven by platform adoption from some of the world’s largest retailers, which are turning to new ambient IoT technologies to revolutionize omnichannel retailing. Wiliot is showcasing its platform throughout NRF at Booth #5168.

“Retailers are being challenged like never before, by constrained supply chains; new consumer shopping paradigms like BOPIS and same-day home delivery; and societal pressure to better manage one’s carbon footprint,” stated Wiliot CMO Steve Statler. “This VIP Award recognizes both the ambient IoT and Wiliot’s role in meeting these new demands by providing brands with real-time visibility in their supply chains and equipping them with the location and temperature data to compete in this new, more complex omnichannel environment.” 

Wiliot, in partnership with the world’s largest technology and retail companies, are creating an ambient IoT that connects all products and packaging to the internet to address some of the retail industry’s biggest problems across supply chain efficiency and inventory management.  

Wiliot’s contribution to the ambient IoT is its IoT Platform. The platform features the company’s breakthrough IoT Pixels, stamp-sized computers that cost pennies and feature a fundamental breakthrough in ambient computing technology – or computing that’s self-powered, harvesting radio waves that are all around us. 

These battery-free IoT Pixels can attach to any product or packaging to connect it to the internet; not just expensive things like cars, appliances, and shipping containers, but the things inside them: fruits, veggies, vaccine vials, clothes, crates, and just about everything else. 

“With real-time tracking, instant traceability, and embedded intelligence, food is safer and fresher, medicine is more secure, and pallets and cases don’t get lost,” continued Statler. “The ambient IoT is illuminating what was once in the dark by providing retailers with real-time visibility into their supply chains – and the status of every product at every moment – and the implications for profits and the planet are profound.”

The VIP Awards is an industry celebration for the solution providers that are powering the retail ecosystem, recognizing the companies developing breakthrough solutions that deliver the most significant value to retailers. The ‘Best Distribution Innovation’ award recognizes the year’s top solution that’s driving productivity, reducing costs and speed to destination, and creating more efficient retail supply chains. 

In addition to its Best Distribution Innovation award win, Wiliot was also recognized as a finalist in the Best Breakthrough Technology Solution category. Wiliot is showcasing its award-winning IoT Platform and IoT Pixels at NRF Booth #5168. 

For more information on Wiliot, visit www.wiliot.com. For hi-res imagery, click here.