WHOOSH! Takes Tech Hygiene to the Next Level With Debut of WHOOSH! ArmourX Antimicrobial

Underscoring its position as the industry’s leading tech hygiene innovator, WHOOSH! Inc., creator of the award-winning WHOOSH! Screen Shine announced its next generation antimicrobial tech hygiene solution, WHOOSH! ArmourX Antimicrobial. The new solution leaves an invisible antimicrobial coating to screens that keeps them protected against microbes for a minimum of 24 hours. WHOOSH! ArmourX Antimicrobial will make its debut in 2016, according to WHOOSH Inc. CEO Jason Greenspan. 

“In 2016, WHOOSH! is truly taking tech hygiene to the next level by providing consumers with an antimicrobial solution that helps keep technology clean while inhibiting the growth of microorganisms,” Greenspan said today. “We believe WHOOSH! ArmourX Antimicrobial will do a better job at keeping mobile and consumer electronic devices clean than any other antimicrobial solution on the market today.”

“CES 2016 served as the kick off to a record-breaking year for us,” Greenspan continued. “We’re committed to taking tech hygiene above and beyond what we accomplished in years prior by helping every single smartphone and tablet user maintain clean electronics.”

What’s more, WHOOSH!’s antimicrobial offerings will eventually be made available to industry manufacturers to incorporate in their technology accessories as a branded element to their final product. “We believe in this solution, and we know industry manufacturers will benefit immensely from it,” Greenspan added. “Stay tuned for more information coming later on in 2016.” 

WHOOSH! made its debut at CES 2014 where it became the only screen and device cleaner to be awarded two coveted CES Innovations Design & Engineering Awards. WHOOSH! is also a Family Choice Award winner, one of the most coveted, family-friendly consumer award programs in the nation, recognizing the finest products and services that enrich the lifestyles of children and families.