WHOOSH! Introduces “CleanBlast” to Keep Keyboards Build-Up Free

Dirt. Dust. Crumbs. Your computer and laptop keyboards accumulate it all. To combat the grimy build-up, WHOOSH!, creators of WHOOSH! Screen Shine, today introduced theWHOOSH! CleanBlast compressed gas duster, a new product that delivers a burst of compressed gas that effectively ‘blasts’ dirt, dust, and crumbs out from among the keyboard keys. 

“Dirty screens are gross, and so are dirty keyboards,” explained WHOOSH! Inc. CEO Jason Greenspan. “With the introduction of CleanBlast, we’re expanding our tech hygiene solutions to include computer and laptop users who want to keep their device keyboards dust and grime-free and looking like new.”

Available for immediate delivery in a 10-ounce canister at $9.99 USD or $12.99 CDN, new WHOOSH! CleanBlast compressed gas duster is designed to enable consumers to maintain a more complete tech hygiene program – particularly as it applies to their notebooks and PCs, which often attract all sorts of dirt, dust, and crumbs in and around the keyboard. “After using WHOOSH! CleanBlast, consumers can use their WHOOSH! Screen Shine solution of choice to complete the cleaning of their keyboards and screens,” Greenspan added.

WHOOSH! made its debut at CES 2014 where it became the only screen and device cleaner to be awarded two coveted CES Innovations Design & Engineering Awards. WHOOSH! is also a Family Choice Award winner, one of the most coveted, family-friendly consumer award programs in the nation, recognizing the finest products and services that enrich the lifestyles of children and families.