Washburn Celebrates 134 Years as an Authentic American Original at Winter NAMM 2017!

Iconic American guitar manufacturer looks forward to a ‘solid’ future with the introduction of six new higher end guitars featuring solid tops and all solid bodies.

Celebrating 134 years of continuous innovation and service to the global musical instrument industry, Washburn Guitars kicked off Winter NAMM 2017 in style today with the market introduction of six new up-market solid body and solid top guitars, and a renewed commitment to lead the retail MI industry with a broad line of guitar models that all deliver exceptional tone, playability, design, and cosmetics.

“Washburn is proud to celebrate 134 years of authentic American originality at Winter NAMM 2017 with new additions to our line that reflect and reaffirm the values that have made Washburn the number-one choice of hard working players around the world,” Washburn Vice President & General Manager Gil Soucy said today.  “Every Washburn guitar delivers exceptional value, sound, playability, cosmetics, and, most importantly, durability.  These are the values our customers look for in every Washburn guitar regardless of the collection or model.”

According to Soucy, Washburn’s ability to consistently create authentically original guitars for every level of play is directly responsible for helping to create the modern retail guitar industry as we know it today. “As we set our sights on defining the future of this industry, it is important to take a moment and reflect on all that has been accomplished by this iconic American brand,” he said.

Indeed, those accomplishments are numerous and far reaching in their impact and include the creation of the world’s first large bodied acoustic guitar, the implementation of large scale production processes, the first to feature artist endorsements, the first to provide retailers with consumer advertising and catalog support, the first company to offer retailers and consumers a complete line of fretted instruments that included guitars, banjos, mandolins, and harp guitars.  “And, as a result of this vast experience, Washburn has a remarkably deep well of expertise to draw upon as we develop the next generation of great guitars that deliver exceptional playability while featuring outstanding cosmetics and style,” said Soucy.

Proof of this commitment to set new standards for design, cosmetics, and playability are evident in the three new series of guitars being introduced at NAMM 2017.  Director of Design and Development Jonathan Lee and his team have pulled out all of the stops to create a new line-up of solid body and solid top guitars being debuted within Washburn’s Heritage, Woodline, and Revival series of guitars.

“A total of six new models are being added to these iconic guitar series,” Lee said today.  “The Heritage Series is being updated with three new all solid models, the Woodline Series with two new all solid models, and the Revival with one all solid 1939 classic model.  The refreshed line up is intended to offer a higher level of quality to our customers while remaining true to the core characteristics of each guitar series.”

According to Lee, “The heritage of this great company is to offer the broadest range of models for every type and level of player. This tradition is part of our DNA and it remains the foundation of our plans for the future,” he said. “We want to live up to the high standards defined by George Washburn Lyon and Patrick Joseph Healy all those many years ago.  I believe the new models being introduced at this NAMM Show are a testament to our ability to do that.”

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