Visionect and Stampede Enter the Education Space with JOAN Classroom

Stampede, the global leader in value-added distribution, together with Visionect today announced the introduction of JOAN Classroom, a breakthrough scheduling solution created to help K-12 and higher education institutions manage their rooms and resources more efficiently.

According to Stampede President & COO Kevin Kelly, JOAN Classroom presents the daily schedule of each classroom with real-time updates and alerts. The device eliminates the need for printed timetables, has zero installation costs, no wires and features up to 12 months of battery autonomy. “JOAN Classroom joins Visionect’s award-winning JOAN room scheduling product line that is already part of the Stampede brand portfolio,” Kelly said today. “The addition of JOAN Classroom offers a new level of features customized specifically for the educational channel and, as such, it will be extremely beneficial for our resellers’ educational customers.”

Designed to be the next-generation classroom solution from Visionect, the world leader in versatile, energy-efficient displays, JOAN Classroom was developed in cooperation with Ivy League universities, and, as a result, it optimizes campus resources and eliminates the need for printed classroom schedules and labor-intensive schedule updates. 

JOAN Classroom integrates with 25Live® from CollegeNET, the calendaring and publishing program used by the majority of higher education institutions. 25Live enables academic schedulers to schedule campus space and resources all in one program, with the information seamlessly posted to JOAN Classroom. No need to attach paper timetables next to each lecture hall; the 13-inch JOAN Classroom displays the daily classroom schedule right where students need it most, at the classroom door. See the lecture currently taking place, the one coming up and the five that follow. The information is always up-to-date, conveyed in real-time, for the most effective on-campus communication supported by unparalleled simplicity of installation and use.

Coming soon is also integration with the Rave Alert™ mass notification system that will be able, in case of emergencies, to transform JOAN Classroom into an information screen. This will then display relevant alerts at key points across the campus, making any campus a safe and secure space. The technical characteristics of JOAN’s electronic paper screen also mean that the latest notification will always remain visible, even in case of a power failure.

This adaptability is possible because of JOAN Classroom’s unparalleled energy efficiency. Developed on Visionect’s Place & Play signage concept, the culmination of a decade of cutting-edge research, JOAN Classroom uses 99% less power than LCD or LED. This makes it the greenest campus technology available, offering a light environmental footprint for a paperless school.

This also means that JOAN Classroom is completely independent from the power grid. With zero wires, there is no need for costly installations, while the device’s extreme battery life of as much as 12 months on a single charge saves thousands in energy bills.

Combining beautiful design with sustainability, JOAN Classroom offers the readability of ink on paper without glare or light pollution. Enclosed in precision-brushed aluminum casing enforced with a durable glass pane to protect from scratching and hazing, JOAN Classroom is completely button-free, for an elegant, ultra-reliable device that feels at home in any interior.

JOAN Classroom joins Visionect’s existing JOAN meeting room solutions line consisting of the touchscreen 6-inch JOAN Manager and JOAN Executive that display room availability at the meeting room door. Rounding off the selection are the 13-inch JOAN Premium, offering the most comprehensive room availability overview, and JOAN Board, showing the status of up to nine meeting rooms on a single screen.

JOAN Classroom is currently available in preorders, for a special preorder price, until November 7, 2017.