Veterans, Active Military and American Indians Can Now Benefit from Signia Hearing Aids…

Featuring Ground-Breaking, Split-Processing Augmented Xperience (AX) Technology and Contactless Charging for Customs.

Hearing aid innovator Signia today announced its cutting-edge rechargeable custom and receiver-in-the-canal hearing aids, Insio Charge&Go AX and Pure Charge&Go T AX, are now available to U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) audiologists treating military veterans, as well as audiologists within the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), for active military, and Indian Health Service (IHS), for American Indians.

This marks the first time that hearing aids featuring Signia’s new, exclusive Augmented Xperience (AX) technology have been accessible to Government Services audiologists and their patients. The Signia AX platform is a ground-breaking audiological advancement and the world’s first to use split processing with separate compressors that automatically work together to deliver outstanding speech clarity in quiet, moderate, or noisy environments. 

The Insio Charge&Go AX is also the world’s first custom, contactless rechargeable hearing aid, delivering unprecedented ease of use to Government Services patients.

“Signia is dedicated to improving the quality of life for all veterans, active military, and American Indians through better hearing, and our Augmented Xperience hearing aids – now available through our government partners in audiology – deliver on Signia’s commitment,” said John Murray, Signia’s Vice President of Government Services. “Through innovative solutions, unparalleled support, and service excellence, Signia is proud to work with Government Services audiologists to enhance their patients’ human performance and help them experience the world around them on their terms.”

World-Class Hearing Aids for Government Services Patients

The rechargeable custom-fit Signia Insio Charge&Go AX comes with a convenient push button for onboard control. As the first rechargeable custom hearing aid with a contactless charger for ease of use and operation, the Insio Charge&Go AX allows patients who suffer dexterity issues to charge their hearing aids more easily without worrying about connectors or positioning the hearing aids a certain way.

The Signia Pure Charge&Go T AX is a full-featured, rechargeable receiver-in-the-canal (RIC) hearing aid with telecoil, developed to support a range of patient needs. It offers a sleek design, combined with new EarWear 3.0 features that are proven to deliver higher physical fit rates, better retention, and increased patient satisfaction.

“Signia is a company of firsts, and many of those firsts have been developed with veterans in mind,” Murray continued. “We share government audiologists’ goal of delivering the best possible outcomes for people who serve the country. To that end, we innovate features like Augmented Xperience and contactless charging to give their patients greater confidence, convenience, and overall satisfaction throughout their lives.”

Both the Insio Charge&Go AX and Pure Charge&Go T AX can be programmed by audiologists to take advantage of Signia’s unique Notch Therapy for treating tinnitus, a common affliction among veterans. They come with the Signia app, which gives patients intuitive access to a range of features, including Signia TeleCare for accessing their audiologists remotely; Signia Assistant, for customizing settings using artificial intelligence; and Face Mask Mode, which improves audibility for those communicating with someone wearing a mask.

The hearing aids also support direct streaming for Apple iOS devices, as well as Android devices compatible with Google’s Audio Streaming for Hearing Aids (ASHA) standard. 

Signia Delivers for Government Services Audiologists

In addition to these new products, Signia reaffirms its commitment to Government Services audiologists and their patients through its Signia Delivers promise. Sharing their goal of achieving the best patient outcomes possible, Signia Delivers across three pillars:

  • Innovative Solutions: In addition to its robust product offerings, including a comprehensive portfolio of rechargeable solutions, Signia has introduced pioneering solutions like Signia Remote Care for telehealth hearing care and Face Mask Mode.

  • Unparalleled Support: The company’s recently expanded team of audiology, customer care, and tech support professionals brings an unrivaled 180 combined years of Government Services expertise to understand audiologists’ needs and assist with product selection, challenging fittings, personalized training, and more.

  • Service Excellence: Signia strives to handle each order as efficiently and professionally as possible, maintaining a laser focus on enhancing order fulfillment and reducing delivery time.

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