United States Motorsports Association and Take1 Insurance Team Up to Promote Event Safety

Motorsports and music festivals have a lot more in common than simply generating a lot of noise. Both occur every weekend, especially in the spring and summer months. Both involve a mass gathering of people, where camping is often involved. Both often involve alcohol in a festive environment, and both are definitely subject to outside influences, like weather, that can often turn unpredictable and become difficult to control.

No one understands these shared similarities better than the United States Motorsports Association and Take 1 Insurance, the industry-leading insurance solutions provider for every type of live event, including concert tours, music festivals, film and television production, and motorsports. Now, the two organizations are joining forces to promote better motorsports event safety. Take1 Insurance is a corporate sponsor of the United States Motorsports Association.

In fact, their shared commitment to safety is why they are both so involved with the Event Safety Alliance (ESA) and the Event Safety Summit, which brings together event operators from around the world to learn from each other and set standards that can literally save lives. 

“Motorsports is an American passion that draws millions of people every year to race tracks all across the country,” Take1 Executive Vice President Scott Carroll said when announcing the new USMA Event Safety initiative. “We can do more as an industry to help plan for safer motorsports events just like the Event Safety Alliance has been doing for the music and festival industry since 2012. Our experience as a founding member of the Event Safety Alliance can serve the motorsports industry well and likewise, the motorsports industry can serve the Event Safety Alliance well by idea sharing what makes a safer live motorsports event for owners, drivers, tracks, concessionaires, suppliers and of course, the fans.”

“No matter the size of the track or event, safety is always a concern both on and off the track.  By coming together we can learn from each other and create a safer environment for our fans and competitors,” said USMA Executive Director, Shawn Stewart.  “If you are interested in participating in safety leadership and group discussion, please reach out to the USMA as the association develops the foundation for a Motorsports Event Safety Council in concert with the Event Safety Alliance.”