Ultra-Wide NanoLumens Curved LED Display Envelops Guests in Dramatic Landscapes at Seneca Niagara Resort & Casino

The new 64.5-foot-wide curved NanoLumens® Nixel Series™ display provides a canvas where the casino can engage guests with stunning visual content unlike any they’ve seen before, as demonstrated in this striking online video.

Casinos strive to create environments that encourage fun and games, and when New York’s Seneca Niagara Resort & Casino renovated its lobby, they realized they had an opportunity to ‘wow’ their guests with a huge digital display and engaging visual content. After considering several options, it became clear that a NanoLumens Nixel Series™ curved LED display was the ideal canvas to excite and engage guests the moment they enter. Mounted on a curved wall behind the reception desk, the 64.5-foot-wide by 6-foot-tall, 2.5 mm pixel pitch NanoLumens display captivates every visitor with high definition video and digital visuals that showcase Niagara Falls scenery and local native culture.

According to Mike Epstein, Principal at technology consulting firm D3, Inc., which oversaw selection and installation of the new lobby technologies, the NanoLumens Nixel Series was by far the best digital display solution for this location and the casino’s desired content.

“The curved wall behind the reception desk was already designed and built, so when choosing a display, we knew that a custom solution would likely be the best option,” Epstein said. “Using an off-the-shelf projection system or a wall of LCD monitors wouldn’t provide nearly the same guest experience or versatility that the NanoLumens display offers. We were able to maximize the size of the digital canvas since NanoLumens can manufacture to any desired size and curvature, while also delivering the superior brightness and color accuracy required for Seneca Niagara’s sunlit lobby.”

While Epstein presented multiple options to the casino, it was clear that NanoLumens’ best-in-class six-year warranty, reliable performance and simplified front-accessible maintenance couldn’t be matched by any other digital display solution. It was the ideal technology to create a seamless, ultra-wide digital canvas to present exciting, sweeping landscapes and digitally-generated visuals.

Jeff Wyatt, Owner of Las Vegas-based content studio Dreamlab, produced a number of locally-inspired content pieces including a scene that places viewers at the base of the incomparable Niagara Falls, and another showing a lush forest as an eagle flies across the entire 64.5-foot display, taking nearly 10 seconds to do so.

“Working with a display this large and wide enables me to produce unique content that captures viewers’ attention and can make a real emotional impact with dramatic motions and scenery,” Wyatt said. “The NanoLumens display itself is ideally suited for this type of space, because it has excellent off-axis viewing that ensures each pixel is clear and bright without any distortion, no matter where the viewer is standing. Whether there are digital shapes flowing and refracting across the display, or an eagle peacefully gliding across guests’ entire field of view, the experience is unforgettable.”

The display’s unique aspect ratio of nearly 10 to 1 utilizes NanoLumens’ 2.5mm pixel pitch technology to offer 8K resolution that is clear and sharp from any distance. The display is also brighter than an average installation requires, producing 1650 nits to outshine sunlight that fills the space through a wall of large windows. The display is recessed into the curved reception wall, making the front-accessible design of NanoLumens’ Nixel Series a must-have feature to simplify and expedite future maintenance so the display never has to be out of service for long repairs.

“This is a real showpiece for the Niagara area, placing Seneca Niagara Resort & Casino at a higher level of digital infrastructure and audience engagement,” said Dave Merlino, NanoLumens VP Sales. “A display of this size and quality used to be found only in extremely select locations like Times Square or the Las Vegas strip, but NanoLumens installations around the world have proven the value and impact that a large, seamless display can have when paired with the right visual content.”

Bill Riley, Regional Director at Sensory Technologies, which performed the installation, noted how the cooperation of various partners is crucial to the success of a major technology installation.

“Projects of this scope and complexity can be very challenging,” Riley said, “especially when the client has a tight schedule and a grand opening deadline to meet. One of the reasons Sensory Technologies is successful with these types of projects is because we work with technology partners, such as NanoLumens and D3, who understand that we need to produce an outstanding experience for the end user. NanoLumens produces a high-quality product and provides excellent support to our implementation team, and D3 specified NanoLumens because of their unique ability to fill a 64-foot curved wall with eye-popping high-resolution video. The overall team worked really well together, and we were fortunate to be part of such an exciting project.”