Trident Case™ Provides Power On-The-Go With All-New Electra Qi Power Base 6000

Trident Case™, designer and manufacturer of innovative education, business and lifestyle case solutions, today announced its all-new Electra Qi Power Base 6000 wireless charger. Combining Qi technology with a 6000 mA/h battery, this all-in-one charging solution powers Qi compatible phones as well as other devices through a USB cable.

“Trident is dedicated to providing practical solutions for every mobile lifestyle,” Trident Vice President of Marketing Vickie Achee said today. “In order to stay connected, it’s important for people to have a portable power solution that is consistent and reliable. Trident’s new wireless charging product relieves the stresses of finding a power source by allowing users to charge multiple devices at once.”

The Electra Qi Power Base 6000 combines Qi technology and a 6000 mA/h battery to charge two mobile devices at once. Its pad-like design allows Qi-enabled devices to charge on its base, while a USB port is available to power a second device. This USB charging feature can support all mobile devices, whether they are Qi-enabled or not. To better accommodate users, the pad surface can support multiple 1 Amp devices including mobile devices, digital cameras and mp3 players.

Made of soft-touch polycarbonate material, the Electra Qi Power Base 6000 comes equipped with a rechargeable 6000 mAh lithium polymer battery, so it can continue to charge devices day after day. For convenience, an LED light indicates the charging status of the power base, so users know when the base is fully loaded and ready to charge other devices.

Perfect for users constantly on-the-go, the power device is small enough to fit seamlessly into any pocket or purse. Moreover, the charger’s anti-skid ribbon keeps mobile devices in place while charging.

“The new Electra Series product demonstrates Trident’s commitment to providing practical solutions for every lifestyle,” Achee added. “We’re dedicated to making sure people can use their tech devices wherever they may go.” 

The charging station is immediately available at for MSRP of $89.95.