Trident Case® Charging Cart Empowers High School Science Students with Safely Stored, Mobile Tablets

Last spring, Trident Case, designer and manufacturer of innovative education, business and lifestyle case solutions, called American schools to action to explain why they needed a Charging Cart for their classroom. After proving that their students were bright, ambitious and in dire need of a storage solution for their tablets, Triway High School in Wooster, Ohio, was named a winner. With over 100 students using Apple® iPads per day, the Charging Cart has already made an enormous impact in the safety and efficiency of tablet use in the classroom.

“More and more schools are implementing technology like tablets into their curriculums,” Trident Vice President of Marketing Vickie Achee explained. “As tablet numbers increase in classroom environments, so too does the need for a convenient storing, charging and moving unit. That’s where Trident’s Charging Cart comes in, to provide classrooms with flexibility, convenience and safety for their technological investment.”

Jennifer Farrar, science teacher at Triway High School and applicant into Trident’s giveaway contest, explained that her students are proud and hardworking, and thus deserve innovative classroom technology equipped to match their ambitions. “Triway High School has received high ratings with distinction, while still maintaining a tight budget,” Farrar said. “That’s a difficult feat, and it’s something that should be rewarded with the best equipment possible to guarantee that our bright students receive the highest quality education.” 

Before receiving Trident’s Charging Cart, Farrar’s previous storage solution involved a plastic tote bag, which left tablets disorganized, cables tangled, and screen protectors scratched. “On top of being disorderly, it was difficult to monitor our inventory and ensure all of our tablets were present and accounted for,” she added. “Now, we have a way to safely store our tablets.”

To charge the tablets, Farrar used a power strip that could only charge twelve tablets at a time. The remainder of the tablets would be spread out around the room and connected to remote outlets. In a science classroom, Farrar explained, this was a huge problem. “Our countertops also function as wet labs, so this method exposed the tablets to possible water damage,” Farrar added. 

The Charging Cart also offers a new level of mobility for the school. Though currently stored in Farrar’s classroom, the Charging Cart is often wheeled between science rooms on the same floor. Other departments within the high school can use the tablets as well. “Tablet use is typically concentrated within the science department, but other departments, such as art and history, use them occasionally,” Farrar added. “The Charging Cart gives us the option to share our technology across multiple studies.”

Trident’s Charging Cart is the ideal solution for charging multiple tablets in K-12 classrooms. Built-in charging ports allow users to charge up to 30 tablets at once, while a UV light inside the Charging Cart helps to disinfect the cases while charging them. The cart, equipped with an acrylic frosted window to view the devices, fully charges all tablets in up to 4-6 hours. A red LED light indicates that the devices are charging, and a green LED light indicates that the devices are fully charged.

Trident’s Charging Cart is available in white, beige and black and comes with built-in handles and lockable wheels make it easy to move the cart to and from different locations around a classroom or throughout the entire school. Meanwhile, a front stand securely holds the door to prevent from swinging when open. The Charging Cart is available for tablets 11” and under.

“Trident offers a variety of mobile device accessories and solutions that allow people to live with impact,” Achee added. “The Charging Cart is an example of how Trident’s products can make a positive impact in the lives of many.” 

“We are so excited to be the winners of Trident’s giveaway contest,” Farrar emphasized. “The Charging Cart attractive, compact, and efficient. My students and I thank Trident!”