Trident Case® CEO Hong Lip Yow Named Small Business Executive of the Year by Consumer Technology Association

In recognition of his commitment to live with impact and make a positive difference in the lives of everyone he comes into contact with, Trident Case® CEO Hong Lip Yow was presented a Innovation Entrepreneur Award today by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)TM, formerly the Consumer Electronics Association®, for Small Business Executive of the Year. The announcement was made by the CTA at the Innovate! conference at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in New York.

“It’s an honor to receive the Small Business Executive of the Year award from the Consumer Technology Association,” Yow said today. “Living with impact is a commitment that I strive to keep every day of my life, at work, at home, and at play. Owning and operating a business has many advantages that allow me to contribute to my local community by providing jobs and opportunities for our community. As we continue to expand our base of operations in the United States, I am confident that we will continue to have an even greater impact in the lives of our customers, business partners, employees, and the community at large.”

This prestigious award program was launched in 2012 by CTA’s flagship magazine, It Is Innovation (i3) and the CTA Small Business Council. The awards recognize entrepreneurs and businesses with revenues under $30 million for the contributions they make to the U.S. economy. Each year, a panel of judges awards one executive, a small business and a startup company for their innovation.

Hong Lip Yow grew up in Malaysia and was influenced by his Chinese immigrant father, who ran a lumber shop and taught him about responsibility to the local community and his employees. Yow draws on those origins to create a vibrant culture at Trident Case, which is excelling at creating local jobs, charitable partnerships, as well as innovative products. Currently Trident’s Made in the USA program accounts for half of the products, and Yow expects that to increase to a majority of the product line next year. In addition to his role as CEO, he contributes to a number of non-profit charities.

To learn more about the Innovation Entrepreneur Awards, visit for videos of the winners and information on the 2016 nomination process. Find complete profiles of the IEA winners in the January CES issue of It Is Innovation (i3) magazine.

“This year’s Innovation Entrepreneur Awards winners demonstrate the exciting possibilities of the technology industry,” said Gary Shapiro, president and CEO, CTA. “The award acknowledges innovative businesses such as AcousticSheep and Paper Battery Company who are creating entirely new and innovative ways to improve consumers’ lives. And we honor Whistle Sports Network which turned the sports broadcast model on its head by creating a sports community that is providing engaging content for millennials and Hong Lip Yow, an immigrant entrepreneur, who is motivated to create local jobs, and give back to the community, while developing innovative products.”

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