Tri-City Christian Academy Monitors and Controls Expanded Campus with Advanced Technology Integrated Through ELAN

For years, Tri-City Christian Academy in High Point, North Carolina has been implementing iPads and Notebook computers into their curriculum to familiarize students with the latest technology. As the school began planning its recent expansion, they were determined to take their tech-savvy campus to the next level with an integrated control system to operate the new building. The school turned to local integration firm Advanced Tech Systems to install an extensive ELAN Entertainment and Control System — the same system the school’s Chairman of the Board uses in his home.

“Going into the project, we knew that we would use ELAN as the main system because of its excellent ability to integrate third-party products,” explained Allan Beck, President of Advanced Tech Systems. “Also, the Chairman of the Board is a longtime customer of ours; he uses ELAN in his home and business.” 

Advanced Tech Systems began the installation process at Tri-City Christian Academy by pre-wiring all of the network cables and patch panels. Since many students, teachers and staff members utilize the Wi-Fi network at once, the network had to be robust. To easily control all of the subsystems, an ELAN gSC10 system was installed linking the Ethernet, Wi-Fi, security, access control, cameras, bell system and more.

“Once we began installing the system, the school administrators kept having additional ideas about control capabilities,” Beck stated. “With ELAN, we were able to easily expand the system to meet and exceed their needs.”

When school is in session, security cameras, interior motion detectors and security door sensors are utilized to ensure campus safety. Through the ELAN system, the principal and other authorized administrators can monitor the cameras to make sure everything runs smoothly.

A new gymnasium was also built as part of the campus expansion. Tri-City Christian Academy’s new gym comes equipped with an ELAN gMV64 UltraMatrix Controller, increasing flexibility and functionality of the audio/video equipment. Connected through the ELAN gSC10, the gMV64 helps control the loudspeakers, amps, video projector, Shure wireless hand-held microphones and the 298-inch DaLite display screen. Additionally, Apple TV was included in the gymnasium with a Gefen wireless HDMI extender to transmit the video to the projector display. 

Beck added, “We also installed Apple TVs in each classroom and meeting room for daily educational use as well as to be able to use the spaces for overflow seating when larger events were held on campus. For example, the school was able to host the Christian Education Summit grand opening event, with 700 visitors from around the country, thanks to this addition.” 

Advanced Tech Systems incorporated various advanced programming features into the school’s ELAN system. For example, event maps programmed through ELAN enable the school’s scheduled bell system to play throughout all the speakers in the building. “When the principal comes in each day, he can select ‘Early Dismissal Schedule’ or ‘Regular Schedule’ on the ELAN app on a smartphone or iPad,” Beck explained. “The bells, which are really 70-volt amps, then sound on the pre-programed schedule for the duration of the day.”

Through the ELAN system, the principal at Tri-City Christian Academy can easily operate the entire complex through an app on his smartphone or tablet. “The principal thinks the system is easy to use, and is very pleased with its neatness,” Beck concluded.