This Father’s Day, Treat Dad to Some Much Needed Peace and Quiet with QuietOn 3.1, the World’s Smallest Active Noise-Canceling Earbuds for Sleep

For new fathers and ones with years of experience alike, a few quiet moments needed for a good night’s sleep is often hard to come by. With the many distracting noises heard in a family home, from children chattering, TV and home appliances humming in the background, devices pinging, and even snoring partners, it’s never easy to fully disconnect and relax after a busy day. This Father’s Day, skip the over-priced golf sets and shaving kits he won’t use and instead, get dad the innovative QuietOn 3.1 sleep buds to help him enjoy a good night’s sleep or midday nap.

Finnish tech innovator QuietOn designed the recently updated QuietOn 3.1 to significantly reduce low-frequency noises that often interrupt sleep, be it noises in the home, loud neighbors, or construction and street traffic outside. The updated 3.1 buds feature a transition period between hearing mode to noise canceling that enables an improved ANC experience, as well as a new ear tip material that brings user comfort to a whole new level. And thanks to its unique design, QuietOn 3.1 are small enough to fit entirely inside a user’s ears, making them comfortable enough for everyone to wear throughout the night – even side sleepers.

“It’s important for everyone to prioritize sleep, but especially for busy and overworked parents trying to balance work, family, friends, and other hobbies,” said QuietOn CEO Katja Siberg. “Restful sleep is the foundation for a productive day, and QuietOn 3.1 creates the quiet, peaceful, and comfortable sleep environment required for dads to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day.” 

Dads have many responsibilities and roles, whether it’s driving kids to and from after-school and weekend activities, hosting sleepovers, or cooking dinner, fathers need to make sure they feel their best in order to enjoy every moment around family. 

“Research shows that not getting enough sleep can also hurt partner relationships since attention, concentration, and communication can all be affected by not enough or poor sleep,” added Siberg. “People who don’t sleep well are likely to have less energy, less enthusiasm, and feel more drained, which will inevitably affect those around them as well. With QuietOn 3.1, we aim to give people uninterrupted sleep, resulting in both happier and healthier individuals with better relationships and parenting skills.”

Although noise-masking devices, like white noise machines, are commonly used to help people fall asleep after a long day, the addition of new noise to try and drown out background noises can be harmful. QuietOn 3.1 takes a different approach and reduces the ambient sounds that would otherwise disturb a restful sleep by automatically generating opposite waveforms to nullify low frequencies.

In terms of design, QuietOn 3.1 does not use transmitters, receivers, and other components typically found in music earbuds typically found in other Bluetooth headphones. The lack of these audio-specific components also enables operation with zero electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation which the United Nations and World Health Organization have identified as a health concern, making QuietOn 3.1 an excellent option for healthy sleep. 

To ensure maximum comfort, each pair of QuietOn 3.1 comes with four sizes of ear tips that users can test out to find the best fit. With no wireless setup or connectivity required and automatic charging in the included case, QuietOn 3.1 earbuds are always ready to pop in and provide more restful sleep. A single charge provides 28 hours of use, so the earbuds have the power to last several nights.

“In order to have a happy, energized, and fulfilling life, parents must focus on high-quality sleep,” Siberg concluded. “We’re excited to continue helping fathers improve their overall health and well-being by providing a key element of a restful sleep – peace and quiet.”

To learn more about this innovative sleep aid, visit here and use code DAD10 for 10% off your purchase. For the press kit, click here.