Tech Hygiene Innovator WHOOSH! Inc. Comes Away From CBC Television’s “Dragons’ Den” A Winner!

Three-year-old Toronto-based WHOOSH! Inc. ( walked into CBC Television’s “Dragons’ Den” and walked out of the den a winner — with an offer from Jim Trevling, Arlene Dickinson and Dave Chilton to invest (Canadian) $400,000 in the rapidly growing cleaning products innovator for a 21% stake in the company.  The popular Canadian television show aired last Wednesday, March 4th, at 8:00PM (8:30PM in NFLD) on the CBC Television network.

 “As Canadian television viewers know only too well, not everyone walks out of the Dragons’ Den a winner, but we did — and we couldn’t be more proud of it,” said WHOOSH! CEO Jason Greenspan.  “We presented the long-term investment value of WHOOSH! to a very savvy team of investors with a proven track record of success as entrepreneurs — and they got it.”

WHOOSH!’s success on Dragons’ Den continues a string of successes for the company, which made a spectacular impact at CES 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada, where they cleaned more than 5,000 mobile device screens. The company’s CES success was widely broadcasted on both CNET and BeTerrific’s live shows from the Las Vegas Convention Center. The company was also recently profiled in the February 2015 issue of Canadian Business Magazine. 

“Consumers are increasingly understanding the importance of tech hygiene,” Greenspan said. “Today, our mobile devices are an extension of ourselves. We wash our hands every day, why shouldn’t we clean our phones every day as well?” 

Greenspan recalls the moment “WHOOSH” began. He and his partners had started out in 2011 making and selling car-detailing products. “I accidently spilled some of our auto detailer on my iPad, panicked, and immediately began to wipe the screen.  When I finished I couldn’t believe the result – it was like my screen was brand new again!  That’s when I knew we had our next big idea,” Greenspan said. According to Greenspan, the company has shipped more than 400,000 units of WHOOSH! Screen Shine screen cleaner to more than 5,000 retail locations across North America.  WHOOSH! is now carried in all North American Apple stores, 2500 Wal-mart stores, as well as in Target Canada, Staples Canada, Canadian Tire, and Shoppers Drug Mart stores.  

Leveraging the latest advancements in formula development, WHOOSH! was specifically developed to be a safe yet powerful cleaning solution that eliminates fingerprints, smudges, dirt, grime and makeup from any electronic device screen — leaving a clear, streak-free finish thatnot only makes the screen shine like new but also resists hatred fingerprints. WHOOSH! does not contain alcohol, acids, ammonia, chlorine, petroleum distillates, phosphates or volatile organic compounds.