Stunning Videowall at the University of California, Riverside, Relies on Gefen for Fiber-Based Signal Extension

When the University of California, Riverside (UCR) set out to enhance their recently renovated, 55,000 square foot Student Recreation Center, they wanted to incorporate a show-stopping display that could show national and school sporting events, relevant information and signage, and up to 16 CATV channels. To do so, the school turned to local integrator James Gulke from High-Tech Electric to design and install a massive 27ft x 15ft LCD videowall with the ability to display content from a distant source at a moment’s notice. When developing the new system, Gulke knew that the project’s success relied heavily on the seamless delivery of content from various sources to the videowall. That’s why he chose leading commercial A/V signal processing solution provider, Gefen, to be the project’s behind-the-scenes hero, ensuring reliable fiber-based signal extension and seamless signal delivery.

“UCR wanted an LCD videowall that encourages student participation while they utilize the Student Recreation Center’s all-new fitness room, rock climbing wall, swimming pool and basketball court,” Gulke said. “I knew that fiber-based signal extenders were an absolute necessity for the videowall to effectively stream content from multiple sources.”

Gulke tested signal extension options from different manufacturers for one that would guarantee the 24/7 signal delivery that the spectacular videowall requires.  “After extensive testing, Gefen won the shoot-out,” Gulke added.

For the project, Gulke utilized 16 Gefen DisplayPort over Fiber Optic Extenders (EXT-DP-CP-2FO), each of which can extend video up to 300 meters in distance using two strands of multi-mode LC-terminated fiber optic cable. Gulke looped video to 16 lead panels in the 7×7 array. By relying on the Gefen extenders in this configuration, he was able to ensure a seamless video delivery with zero latency and around-the-clock reliability.

The ultra-high resolution videowall is comprised of 49 55-inch displays stacked in a 7×7 configuration and is able to stream content from multiple sources, including cable TV, DVDs, digital images, and camera feeds from hundreds of feet away. This content can be arranged in various layouts and controlled remotely by tablets and smartphones.

“The customer is incredibly satisfied, but we at High Tech Electric are the ones who really appreciate what goes on behind-the-scenes,” Gulke concluded. “This is where the Gefen extenders really shine.”