Stravito Launches Scrapbook to Simplify Storytelling and Recycle Existing Insights

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Stravito, the enterprise insights platform democratizing access to market research for the world’s largest organizations, has launched Scrapbook, a feature that allows individuals to pick-and-mix the most relevant insights from multiple reports to create one comprehensive story.

Stravito Founder and CEO Thor Olof Philogéne says that Scrapbook, which enables businesses to recycle and reuse insights, has been purpose-built to offer further productivity gains, cost reductions and an increased return on investment through enhanced insights management.

Philogène comments, “In the current economic climate, our customers need tools that really allow them to maximize the impact of their insights. With Scrapbook, individuals can easily and efficiently recycle and reuse insights to create impactful narratives tailored to specific projects and audiences.

“Not only does the tool eliminate time-consuming processes such as mining through insights to repackage existing documents and research, but it’s actually also an easier and more engaging way for the recipients to consume and evaluate insights.” 

The Scrapbook feature lets users easily compile pages from various presentations or reports with backlinks to the original source for the full context, so each source does not have to be downloaded and delivered individually. This will increase productivity for insights teams and encourage greater use of insights among business teams such as marketing, sales, product development, innovations and many others.

Scrapbooks can be shared through email or other communications tools such as Slack and Microsoft Teams, and downloaded in either PDF or editable PPTX format for ultimate flexibility.

Stravito was founded in 2017 by market research veterans and former iZettle employees. Today customers include world-leading enterprises such as McDonalds, Electrolux, Comcast, Carlsberg and Burberry.

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