Stravito Deepens Integration with Microsoft Sharepoint & Microsoft Teams for Seamless Knowledge Integration Across Sources

Stravito, the enterprise insights platform, today announced an enhanced Microsoft Sharepoint and Microsoft Teams Integration feature that makes it easier than ever to automatically sync and upload Sharepoint files to the Stravito platform, improving accessibility to key insights, among many other benefits.

According to Stravito Founder and CEO Thor Olof Philogéne, the expanded feature is the latest evolution of the platform that supports the company’s mission to empower businesses to easily store, discover, and activate data.

In addition to improving accessibility to insights, Stravito now offers seamless integration with the existing corporate stack, easy onboarding for new regions or departments, findability and reuse of existing knowledge and experience sharing, and curatorial opportunities for synced files from Scrapbooks, Collections, Insight Feed and beyond.

“Many of our customers use Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Teams as a general purpose drive while also using Stravito as their purpose-built platform for market research. As such, the seamless transfer of files from Sharepoint to Stravito has become essential to deliver a positive user experience,” Philogéne explains. “This deepend Integration eliminates siloes between the two platforms; all sources are now seamlessly integrated, enabling businesses to set up out-of-the-box integrations to fetch documents and file storages from Stravito in just a few clicks. We can also offer great flexibility in choosing between integration scenarios with various options for syncing folders and bulk editing files.”

Effective immediately, files can now be accessed from selected folders on SharePoint sites and Microsoft Teams folders to Stravito in real time. New, modified or deleted files in selected Sharepoint folders will continuously be synced onto the Stravito platform.

Once files are synced to Stravito all the Stravito powered curation options will be applicable for them as well – like including pages in Scrapbooks, organizing them in Collections, setting up notifications, Insight Feeds, and so on.

Insights teams can choose to either sync Sharepoint files automatically to the platform or use a new purpose-built tool for bulk uploading. Megaupload allows users to quality-check tags and control which of the files from synced locations should become available and to whom, thus ensuring the security and restriction of access to sensitive data.

The new Microsoft Sharepoint Integration feature is available to all Stravito customers, and set-up is as easy as connecting a file storage system at the Workspace level in settings.

“We strive to enhance the user experience by delivering significant time-savings that can and should be used to leverage insights,” Philogéne concludes. “Our goal is to always provide businesses with easy access to actionable insights to help them make impactful business decisions.”