Start-Up Company Launches Revolutionary Wine Saver Through Kickstarter Campaign

Vestia’s new campaign offers seven tiers of investment options, ranging from $1.00 to $500.00, to bring the Wine Saver to market.

How many times has this happened to you: you uncork an already opened bottle of wine and you pour another glass, only to realize that it’s gone bad? Since an average bottle of wine lasts only three to five days after opening, you essentially have less than a week to finish it. Between busy schedules, travel or simply forgetting that it’s in the refrigerator, that might not be enough time.

Now, however, oxidized wine (the bad-tasting reaction to a wine’s prolonged exposure to air), may be a thing of the past. Vestia, a new start-up company, has created the first affordably priced wine saver that automaticallyand continuously removes air from an open wine bottle, keeping the wine fresh for weeks instead of days. To bring the product to market, the company is now seeking investors on Kickstarter, providing each backer with tiered benefits based on donation amount.

“The new Vestia Wine Saver is going to change the way that wine enthusiasts enjoy a glass of wine,” Vestia President Lip Yow explained. “With our new patented technology, it’s no longer a race against the clock to finish a bottle of wine before it goes bad. Unlike other wine preservation methods that you may have seen before, Vestia’s is entirely unique because it not only removes air from the bottle, but also continuously vacuum seals it, keeping the wine’s flavor fresh for up to three weeks. Best of all, this innovation pays for itself in just a few saved bottles of wine!”

The Vestia Wine Saver doesn’t require any hand-pumping, excessive cords or bulky canisters. The compact device offers a universal fit, sealing most standard bottles of wine to preserve freshness and flavor. To use the Wine Saver, simply place the product and Vestia Wine Stopper onto an open bottle, just like you’d regularly cork a bottle. Leaving the Wine Saver on the bottle allows the product to continuously remove the air from inside. When you’re ready to enjoy another glass of wine from your Vestia-corked bottle, click the release lever on the side of the Wine Saver and pull up, keeping the Wine Stopper in place. The Wine Stopper will continue to tightly hold the vacuum-sealed bottle until the white button is pressed to release the pressure. To power the Wine Saver, the product requires two AAA batteries.

“After a bottle of wine is opened, it can go bad in two ways,” Yow explained. “First, it goes bad when acetic acid bacteria consumes the alcohol in the wine, metabolizing it into acetic acid and acetaldehyde, giving off a vinegar-like smell. Second, the alcohol becomes oxidized when it is exposed to air, robbing the wine of its fresh fruity flavors. Both of these issues are caused by air that’s trapped inside the bottle. With the Vestia Wine Saver, these two problems are significantly reduced by removing the trapped air from the bottle, extending the life of the wine.”

Through the Kickstarter campaign, Vestia is hoping to raise $35,000 to begin production on the Wine Saver. The campaign offers seven tiers of investment options, ranging from $1.00 to $500.00 or more. Investors that donate $17.00 or more will receive a free Vestia Wine Saver. The Vestia Wine Saver can be viewed on Kickstarter in more detail by clicking here.

Once available on the market, the Wine Saver Starter Kit, which includes the Vestia Wine Saver and three Vestia Wine Stoppers, will retail for $29.99.