Stampede’s Mobile Technology Showroom (MTS) Drives Sales and Strengthens Reseller Relationships in 2019

2020 MTS tour kicks off in southern California from March 2-13, 2020.

From its original introduction in 2016, Stampede, the global leader in value added distribution, has taken its teched-out Mobile Technology Showroom (MTS) to locales all across the country, where it has assisted hundreds of resellers in presenting integrated technology solutions to their customers, according to Stampede President & CEO Kevin Kelly, who said that hosting targeted demonstrations alongside local integrators helps to increase sales and drives home the message that Stampede is 100 percent dedicated to helping its customers succeed.

“Whether Stampede sales reps are meeting with educators in Houston or a partnering manufacturer wants to show off new products in a Boston suburb, the Stampede Mobile Technology Showroom is the perfect venue to bring high tech experiences right to dealers and end users in local markets nationwide,” Kelly said. “It’s no secret that hands-on demos can greatly increase sell through rates and help land contracts. By bringing the demo to the customer instead of requiring them to travel, we remove all obstacles and doubts, which benefits our suppliers through greater product awareness and more sales.”

Kelly also noted that the MTS is as much an educational tool as it is a showroom. Stampede regularly uses it as a centerpiece for “Lunch & Learn” meetings where resellers and integrators receive information about new products and capabilities, from either a manufacturer rep or a Stampede sales professional. Whether the goal is to show a group of educators what a 2.5mm pixel pitch LED video wall looks like in real life, or to show hospitality integrators the extensive range of products Stampede carries, everybody walks away knowing something they didn’t know before.

“Stampede is famous for its annual Big Book of AV Tour & Conference Series, but AV is only part of the product catalog we offer,” Kelly said. “In industries such as hospitality, the MTS is helping us show integrators that we are a true soup-to-nuts technology distributor, leading to month-to-month sales boosts of up to 200 percent after a visit. For integrators and our sponsor manufacturers, the benefits are clear.”

Manufacturer participants in the Stampede Mobile Technology Showroom include Bose, Christie, Kramer, Lumens, Oculus, OneLAN, Optoma, Peerless, Samsung, Sharp and Yuneec, among others.

Looking forward to 2020, Kelly is excited to demo new products and capabilities to even more audiences. At the end of each year, Stampede installs new products in the MTS to keep it as fresh as possible to meet the needs of resellers and users who want to experience the newest tools.

“Technology is always evolving, and our customers want to see the newest technologies, so it’s vitally important that we work with our manufacturers each year to keep the MTS relevant and exciting,” Kelly added. “We care about our resellers’ businesses, and this is one way we prove it to them.”

Manufacturers have seen the results for themselves, with some partners already planning additional events for 2020. They appreciate how the MTS can help break up the monotony of meetings and imbue a sense of excitement that leads to improved customer responses and follow up.

“The bottom line is that the Mobile Technology Showroom is a huge value-added tool for our sales team and the brands we carry,” Kelly concluded. “It’s an event space that’s also a mobile marketing machine, with logos on the outside, and it’s been a great success at every location so far. In one case, the personal experience provided by the MTS helped us sell a large-scale LED wall to an integrator who had been planning to purchase elsewhere from a different manufacturer.”

As more integrators and manufacturers recognize the significant benefits of bringing a mobile showroom to events, Stampede will continue to deliver exceptional experiences that help boost sales and create excitement, no matter where it’s needed.

The Mobile Technology Showroom will be in southern California from March 2-13, 2020.  Additional dates will be announced shortly.

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