Stampede’s Drone Video Systems Pavilion Lands at CES 2016 To Introduce Consumers To Drone-Based Solutions

Asserting that the mainstream consumer electronics industry is ready to offer a wider range of complete unmanned aerial vehicle system solutions, Stampede (, North America’s largest distributor of drone video and ProAV solutions, today introduced the Drone Video Systems Pavilion to CES 2016.  The Drone Video Systems Pavilion, consisting of a “drone corral” with active drones paired side-by-side with Drone Video Systems add-ons, command and control components and services, showcases a full-range of sophisticated drone-based solutions that are customized for a variety of enthusiast levels. Stampede’s CES 2016 Drone Pavilion is taking place all four days of CES 2016 at Booth #25808 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“The more that end-users familiarize themselves with the standard drone, the more that they will want a complete solution built around it,” Stampede President & COO Kevin Kelly said today. “Stampede is at CES to show major consumer electronics retailers that it’s no longer just about the drone itself. The true potential of drones lies in a complete drone-based solution that incorporates add-ons, video, command and control capabilities, and more.”

Stampede’s CES 2016 Drone Pavilion features an enclosed “drone corral” where manufacturers like Yuneec, xFly, and DJI are demonstrating their latest UAVs and discussing the unlimited potential harnessed by drone-based solutions. Drone manufacturers such as AEE, Walkera and xCraft are also present, positioned side-by-side with Drone Video Systems components such as add-ons, command and control and services.

Stampede first exhibited its Drone Video System Pavilion at InfoComm 2015 and CEDIA 2015, which helped turn the tide in North America’s ProAV industry. Now, Stampede has its sights set on doing the same for the consumer electronics market. “Drones possess the ability to completely transform life as we know it, recreationally and professionally,” Kelly said. “Think about a drone as a vehicle that can hold any technological software, hardware or solution on the market today. The opportunities for now and the future are limitless.”

CES 2016 marks the consumer electronics market debut of Drone Video Systems, an entirely new category spearheaded by Stampede that compiles drone hardware, add-ons, command and control, and brings them in-house so that customers and retailers have, for the first time ever, a one-stop shop for customizable drones. “A Drone Video System connects leading commercial equipment, such as video conferencing software, command and control, and data storage, with a drone,” Kelly said. “Customizable drones are the future for both the commercial and the consumer UAV industry.”

To learn more about drone-based solutions in the consumer electronics market, visit Stampede’s Drone Pavilion at Booth #25808 at CES 2016 in the Las Vegas Convention Center from January 6-9, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada.