Stampede and Unmanned Vehicle University Partner with InfoComm to Create the Unmanned Systems and Drone Pavilion at InfoComm 2015

The practical uses of unmanned aerial vehicles in hundreds of different commercial market applications is fully and completely addressed for the very first time in the ProAV industry with Stampede ( and Unmanned Vehicle University’s ( sponsorship of the first Unmanned Systems and Drone Pavilion at InfoComm 2015. The pavilion is located Orange County Convention Center atBooth #7042.

 “The use of drones in a wide variety of commercial applications is rapidly advancing to include 3D terrain mapping, oil and gas exploration, remote monitoring, aerial agricultural observation, news gathering, security, search and rescue, law enforcement, and hundreds of other applications,” said Kevin Kelly, President & COO of Stampede.  “As a forward looking industry association, InfoComm understands the urgent need to present the full capabilities of this new technology, along with the enormous business opportunities this technology is creating for InfoComm members.  We are proud that they have chosen to partner with Stampede and Unmanned Vehicle University for the industry’s first Drone Pavilion at InfoComm 2015.”

The Unmanned Systems and Drone Pavilion features an enclosed drone-cage presentation area where exhibitors demonstrate their technology and discuss the ways that drones are being incorporated into current ProAV projects.

More than a dozen information rich presentation sessions will take place over a three day period from June 17 to June 19and will include sessions on UVU’s Unmanned Systems and Drone Fundamentals Overview, Wireless Video Transmission from Aerial Platforms to the Operations Center, The Drone/Unmanned Systems Business Opportunity for ProAV Integrators, Energy Industry Applications Overview, 3D Mapping with Drones, UAS/Drone Case Study Panel, Law Enforcement/Security/Public Safety Applications, Large Sporting and Entertainment Event Coverage, Aerial Cinematography/Real Estate Markets, Drone-Vertising:  Using Drones to Deliver Marketing Messages, and Parcel/Package/Medical Supplies/Equipment Delivery.

“The rapid and widespread adoption of drones by business owners around the world is going to very quickly become a massive job creation engine,” Unmanned Vehicle University Provost John Minor said today.  “But education and training is absolutely critical to sustaining this engine over the long term and that’s precisely where our university’s strategic partnership with Stampede really becomes compellingly clear.  Together, Stampede and UVU are providing industry with the platforms, the education and the training required to safely profit from incorporating drones into their individual businesses or to start up new businesses using drone technology.”