SpeakerCraft Now Taking Orders on the First Available Dolby Atmos® Enabled In-Wall Height Speaker

Iconic industry pioneer is celebrating 40 years of innovation at CEDIA 2016!

Core Brands today announced that it is taking orders on the SpeakerCraft AIM Series 2 ATX100, its in-wall height speaker designed specifically for Dolby Atmos® and other object-based sound formats. The SpeakerCraft ATX100 reflects sound off the ceiling to place and move audio anywhere in the room, including overhead, to bring entertainment alive for the audience. The announcement was made today at CEDIA 2016 at Core Brands Booth #4100 in the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas, Texas.

The announcement comes as the iconic industry leader celebrates 40 years of continuous innovation at CEDIA 2016. The market availability of the new Dolby Atmos® enabled in-wall height speaker, together with the introduction of an expanded top-of-the-line AIM Series 2 family of architectural speakers, reinforces the brand’s commitment to constantly define new standards for speaker performance, reliability, and value.

“The ability of the ATX100 Dolby Atmos enabled speaker brings out the best in object based audio. The immersive experience will blow you away,” said Matt Dever, Core Brands’ SpeakerCraft Product Manager. “The ATX100 will be the first available Dolby Atmos enabled in-wall speaker. This introduction is a leap forward that will change how technology integrators design home theater audio systems for their clients; it delivers an immersive home theater experience in any room.”

The ATX100 is the architectural in-wall solution to the traditional floor-standing or bookshelf height speakers currently available. The design adheres to Dolby’s recommended specifications and requirements for optimal performance.

“We worked to develop a height speaker that would perform in the constraints of a shallow 2×4 wall,” said Core Brands Sr. Director of Acoustics, Mike Strange. “This included developing drivers, crossovers and enclosures very specific to this purpose. The result is a design that brings the Dolby Atmos experience into any installed environment completely hidden away in the wall.”

The ATX100’s dual drivers and tweeter fire upward into the acoustically controlled wave guide that projects the Dolby Atmos height cue information off the ceiling, creating the immersive effect. The ¾” custom titanium dome tweeter with high-energy Neodymium magnet structure boasts frequency response up to 22kHz. With its dual 2½” Kevlar-reinforced pulp mid-bass drivers, the ATX100 can handle up to 125 Watts of amplifier power at 8 Ohms.

To maximize the sound reproduction and minimize sound transmission to adjacent rooms, the ATX100 features a fully integrated acoustic back box. And like other speakers in the AIM Series 2 line, it leverages SpeakerCraft’s Acoustic Isolation Technology™ to minimize acoustic energy transfer to the mounting and surrounding surfaces. This acoustic decoupling allows listeners to hear more of the actual speaker and less of the sound that normally radiates from the mounting surface.

The ATX100 Height Speaker has an MSRP of $349 and is available for pre-order now with product shipping in October 2016.

The new Height Speaker combines with SpeakerCraft’s two new AIM Series 2 LCR In-Wall speakers to create an exceptional Dolby Atmos enabled speaker system:

The ATS500 System pairs the ATX100 height speaker with the new Kevlar-woofers based AIM LCR5 FIVE Series 2 behind a single, low profile, magnetic attached grille.

The ATS200 System combines the ATX100 height speaker with the glass-fiber woofers based AIM LCR5 TWO Series 2, also behind a single grille.

The systems have MSRPs of $1,329 and $1,199 respectively.

Both the new AIM Series 2 LCR models feature the new Arrayed Point Source (APS) Tweeter Module™, the in-wall counterpart to SpeakerCraft’s ARC Tweeter array in the AIM Series 2 in-ceiling line. And to provide dealers with maximum flexibility, a third system option combines the ATX100 with any current SpeakerCraft Profile AIM LCR5 in-wall speaker.

“Our goal is to give dealers multiple options to ‘wow’ their customers with Dolby Atmos enabled solutions,” Dever concluded. “The Height speaker can even be added to existing in-wall systems, enabling dealers to easily upgrade to object-based surround audio.”

Like the ATX100, the above systems are available for pre-order now with shipping in October 2016. Custom installers can experience the Dolby Atmos enabled in-wall speakers themselves at Core Brands Booth #4100 at CEDIA 2016.

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