Some of the World’s Most Talented Musicians Use Meters Headphones to Amplify Their Audio Experience


Music aficionados around the world have been using Meters Headphones to enhance their music listening experience, assist in music recording and express their style. These Meters enthusiasts consist of promising up-and-comers in the music industry, as well as some of music’s greatest talents.

Last week, Ashdown Engineering, the legendary U.K. company that’s been designing world-class bass amplifiers for globe-trotting musicians like U2, Foo Fighters and Sir Paul McCartney, officially introduced Meters Headphones to the U.S. market. Despite its very recent U.S. launch, Meters Headphones have already received rave reviews from some of the music industry’s most beloved celebrities.

“I love my Meters headphones. They’re comfortable, dynamic and clear!”

– Stevie Wonder

“Mark very kindly brought down some sets of Meters and gave me a demo. I had to go and have a lie-down, because it made me feel sick because of the bass, in a good way. But then while I was having a lie-down, Robbie came over and said “I’ll take those” and he took all of them. [It was] the first time he could hear his bass on headphones. He didn’t like to wear headphones in the studio because he couldn’t hear the bass until these came along. Bass is the best it can be with these.”

– Zak Starkey, The Who

“I have known Ashdown Engineering for a very long time because they’ve been making my guitar amplifiers. The quality is so good that when the headphones came out I had to try them. The sound is great and they look really cool.”

– Shavo Odadjian, System of a Down

“What an absolute joy of a listening experience! I used their bass amps for many years, amazing how they made the same musical warmth translate to a pair of headphones as well!”

– Louis Cato, Jon Batiste & Stay Human

“I’ve never loved my playlist more than I do now that I have Meters. The Meters headphones changed the way me and all my celebrity friends listen to music. Hands down the best way to playback, equalize and simply enjoy your own hit record or all the music you love vibing to.”

– Nina Blanka, N’Style Atlanta

Meters OVB-1 Headphones are available in black, white, and tan at Amazon, Sweetwater and B&H Photo, among others, for $349.99. If you’re interested in learning more about why so many first-class performers and producers are turning to Meters for high-performing sound, visit