SnapAV Pro Stores Presents “Commercial Installation Now!”


SnapAV Pro Stores today released their first quarter 2021 enhanced schedule for their local Pro Store webinar training series titled, “Commercial Installation Now!”, hosted by Allnet, CPD, MRI and Volutone. SnapAV partners can start their new year with three new training modules specifically tailored to the residential custom integrator looking to expand into the commercial space, with an emphasis on light commercial AV installations. The three sessions will cover the below topics:

  • 70v Audio from Episode – What is 70v Audio and why on earth would you ever use it? Planning and Design of 70v systems to include amp, speaker, and subwoofer integration. Partners can register to attend either session on Wednesday, January 13 at 6am-7am EST/9am-10am PST or at 11am-12pm EST/2pm-3pm PST

  • Just Add Power HDMI-over-IP – Learn how HDMI over IP allows you to create a video distribution system of networked AV devices that is scalable, reliable, economical, and easily controllable. Installation is quick and easy.  8 basic steps to create an any size video matrix. Sessions will be held on Wednesday, February 17. The webinar times will be confirmed at a later date. 

  • QSC – Distributed Audio for light commercial venues including Public address, Business Music & Voice and Remote Video conferencing. Learn how QSC can help transform your business by offering scalable solutions to fit and adjust your client’s commercial requirements. Sessions will be held on Wednesday, March 17. The webinar times will be confirmed at a later date. 

“As our industry continues to navigate these challenging times, SnapAV Pro Stores have doubled down on our efforts to support our partners with the resources they need by transitioning our educational services to a virtual setting,” said Gary Usher, Training coordinator for SnapAV Local stores. “Our partners are enjoying our highly-informative, fast-paced, and customized technical webinars that provide an open forum for asking questions and the guidance needed to grow their businesses and capabilities.”

Offering more than just a huge selection of the industry’s most popular brands, SnapAV Pro Stores provide a comprehensive virtual training program with webinars every week at no cost. Each of these training sessions are designed to meet the needs of partners looking to stay up to date on the latest commercial and residential products and technology so they are best equipped to provide customers an ever-expanding lineup of solutions, creating more opportunity to grow their businesses.

For a complete list of upcoming sessions and to register for live webinars, please visit or contact your local SnapAV Pro Store (Allnet, CPD, MRI and Volutone). SnapAV partners from around the country are welcome to attend.