Snap One™ Releases New Control4® Software Enhancements that Empower Partners and Their Customers at CEDIA Expo 2023

Snap One, the industry-leading manufacturer and distributor of smart living and business technologies, today unveiled the new Control4 OS 3.4, an experience-focused software update that empowers end customers with streamlined account management features and user experience, new controls, enhanced surveillance monitoring and a new color picker for Vibrant LED linear lighting, and more. The new software will be on display at CEDIA Expo 2023 at Snap One’s booth #1512 alongside a full showcase of the latest Control4 innovations.

As Darin Theurer, Product Manager at Snap One explained, this new software offers Control4 customers the power to customize system settings typically managed by integrators, easier access to manage users, enhancing customer satisfaction and reducing the need for minor service calls.

“With Control4 OS 3.4, customers can have the best of both worlds with a professionally designed, installed and monitored system that also provides direct customer control over accounts and users, subscriptions and push notifications,” Theurer said. “In Q4 we will begin early access for new Control4 and OvrC® integrations that enable Snap One Partners to optimize and expedite system setup with registering a new Control4 account and deploying software updates so they have more time to focus on new bids and business growth.”

Based on customer and Partner feedback, Snap One has been progressively enhancing the Control4 user experience, including the ability for customers to manage their own cloud-service subscriptions. The new OS 3.4 leaps forward with the new User Management feature that allows customers to create admin and standard account types, improving security and reliability by ensuring only admins can invite new users, edit users, define roles, access account information and update property details.

The new OS empowers customers to modify their event notification settings easily from the Control4 App, with no separate portal or integrator assistance required. With OS 3.4, customers can create new notifications and edit notifications. They can also easily create new notifications by looking at the history agent, and swiping on a recent event. Snap One’s customer research shows that Partners and customers agree this balance between the “Do-It-For-Me” experience, wherein a system is designed and managed by a trusted professional, and convenient DIY controls will result in happier customers and less inundated technicians.

The OS 3.4 release also upgrades the surveillance camera experience with in-app audio and at-a-glance Live View indicator enhancements, while a redesigned lighting control page simplifies color and color temperature selection for the Control4 Vibrant® Lighting line of LED solutions. The new software release follows recent upgrades to the menu and navigation experience for 4Sight® management, which provides users with global remote access to their system.

“By providing more control for users who want it, OS 3.4 reduces customer frustration with minor service calls while freeing up staff to focus on new business, system expansions and deeper customer service needs,” Theurer said. “Combined with powerful new OvrC capabilities for Partners, we are continuing to improve Partner and customer experiences through innovative software updates.”

In addition to the new OS, booth visitors can see how the latest OvrC integrations optimize and expedite Control4 project set-up, enabling technicians to complete the initial claiming of all IP devices, controller registration and updating to the latest OS in roughly 60 seconds via OvrC. In conjunction with the above-mentioned new Controller Registration feature, Snap One is also introducing a new Control4 Customer Handoff process via OvrC that creates a more streamlined and professional transference of ownership and focuses on enabling privacy for end customers and security for Snap One Partners.

Attendees will also get hands-on demonstrations of the latest Control4 products in Snap One’s booth, including the new CORE lite bundles with Halo Remotes. The CORE lite is a new Control4 system controller specifically designed for single-room use with ports including ethernet, USB and HDMI, a Zigbee antenna and three IR outs, with one able to serve as a serial port. IT offers users an HD menu, high-resolution audio streaming with up to 12 native services, and access to cloud subscriptions that offer remote access, notifications and alerts, Intercom Anywhere, cloud backups, and support for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

CORE lite bundles include the stylish new Halo remote, which is used to control the on-screen menu and access voice command with a Voice button. The bright 2.8-inch color screen makes it easy to navigate menus in any situation using the included hard buttons. It features a dual-band Wi-Fi antenna to support 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks, offering even more robust connectivity and reliability than previous generation of remotes. Show attendees can also see how the Halo Touch remote takes all the benefits of the Halo and upgrades it with a 3.2-inch color touchscreen to enable even more intuitive navigation through OS3 favorites.

The booth will also feature Control4’s chic Contemporary Lighting line of keypads, dimmers and switches that combine the brand’s trusted back-end dimming and switching technology available in 14 of today’s most popular finishes and colors. Each Contemporary Lighting product enables clear, backlit engraving, enhanced tactile response and improved longevity for maximum customer satisfaction.

“Together, Control4’s new software updates, OvrC integrations and products continue Snap One’s mission to enhance the Partner experience and help them work more efficiently with an ecosystem of products that work better together and are managed by a unified platform,” Theurer concluded.