Signia Integrated Xperience: The World’s First Hearing Aid Platform Capable of Pinpointing Multiple Speakers in Real-Time, Enabling Unprecedented Sound Clarity in Immersive Group Conversations

Hearing aid innovator Signia today reaffirmed its commitment to delivering iconic innovations to consumers with Integrated Xperience (IX), the world’s first hearing aid platform capable of pinpointing multiple conversation partners in real-time – providing unprecedented sound clarity and definition for wearers in noisy group conversations, even when the wearer or speakers are in motion.

Group conversations in noise are the biggest unmet need for people with hearing loss. A missed word can lead to a missed opportunity to contribute, which can lead to frustration, isolation, and ultimately withdrawal. 

Despite years of technological advancements, traditional hearing aids fall short of solving this problem. Their focus has been on reducing noise first and then preserving speech, but they don’t fully account for the natural interactions of a conversation, the effects of moving your head, and people coming in and out of the discussion. That changes with Integrated Xperience.

Signia Integrated Xperience leverages insights into the changing positions of speakers to ensure uninterrupted engagement in even the most noisy, immersive environments – creating more engaging conversations that allow wearer’s to truly contribute and ultimately enjoy a more rich and meaningful life.

“Every conversation is a powerful opportunity to cultivate stronger connections with friends, family, colleagues and beyond. Whether it’s casual encounters at a grocery store or lively discussions in an office or a cocktail party, conversations don’t stand still – and hearing technology needs to evolve to support these dynamic environments,” said Mike O’Neil, President of Signia U.S. “With the Signia Integrated Xperience platform, we’re empowering wearers to actively contribute to every conversation, creating a future – which now exists today – where every conversation becomes an enriching and fulfilling experience.”

In a study focused on speech performance in a group conversation scenario, Signia Integrated Xperience provided a significant improvement in speech understanding, with 95% of participants experiencing greater hearing clarity with Signia Inegrated Xperience compared to without.1 This essential improvement enables wearers to become increasingly active in social settings, ultimately reducing risk of additional negative impacts of hearing loss including loneliness, social isolation, high risk of developing dementia, and higher risk of unemployment.2

Integrated Xperience: Unleashing the Power of Conversation

Integrated Xperience features Signia’s RealTime Conversation Enhancement solution that analyzes, augments, and adapts to the dynamic flow of multi-party conversation environments. The technology works in three stages, allowing wearers to engage, interact, and participate in noisy group conversations regardless of location, movement, and noise level.

  • Analyze – Processes 192,000 data points every second to detect speakers and analyze conversation dynamics.

  • Augment – Uses the data that’s analyzed to control multiple focus streams that lock onto and dynamically highlight each speaker’s voice amidst the noise. Simultaneously, Signia’s Augmented Focus™ technology processes background sound to ensure a comfortable, immersive conversational experience without distractions.

  • Adapt – Signia’s patented Multi-Stream Architecture updates 1,000 times per second, merging focus streams into dynamic auditory space that adapts to evolving conversations. This allows the real-time tracking and enhancement of multiple moving speakers, ensuring wearers can fully engage in group conversations.

Integrated Xperience is already making a significant impact on the lives of consumers. Meaghan Thomas, a meteorologist for WKRN TV studios in Nashville, was fit with Signia’s Pure Charge&Go IX by Dr. Randi Yontz, AuD and Dr. Hannah Kostrzewksi, AuD, of Aspire Audiology & Hearing – and the results were immediate.

“As someone who is constantly in dynamic environments, Signia Pure Charge&Go IX has made a significant difference in my ability to pick up voices of multiple people around me clearly,” reflected Thomas. “The Signia App and Signia Assistant have given me extra control and support by making it easy to eliminate unnecessary noise – something that is particularly useful in the studio, and the benefits I’ve experienced extend beyond enhanced hearing. Signia Pure Charge&Go IX are sleek and have a comfortable fit, and I don’t feel them in my ears at all.”

Signia Pure Charge&Go IX and Signia Silk Charge&Go IX: Pioneering Hearing Technology

Pure Charge&Go IX and Silk Charge&Go IX hearing aids are the first two models to leverage the Integrated Xperience platform, offering a substantial improvement in conversational ability for wearers.

Featuring a sleek receiver-in-canal (RIC) design, Pure Charge&Go IX features the company’s RealTime Conversation Enhancement solution – which enables enhanced group conversation performance for consumers with mild to severe hearing loss.

Pure Charge&Go IX also features Signia’s Own Voice Processing (OVP) 2.0 technology, which ensures own-voice comfort that activates whenever a wearer speaks to keep their voice sounding natural and clear. The new hearing aid also delivers enhanced, future-proof connectivity – ready for the upcoming Bluetooth LE Audio standard and currently equipped with iOS, ASHA, and Bluetooth operability. 

Furthermore, Pure Charge&Go IX is compatible with the AI-powered Signia Assistant. Bolstered by a cloud-based live Deep Neural Network (DNN) trained and updated with real-world data, Signia Assistant understands the wearer’s environment and adapts the hearing aids to provide personalized support.

Pure Charge&Go IX is also available with an optional T-Coil that allows the wearer to connect to public sound systems in places like airports, concert halls, universities and more.

Silk Charge&Go IX, the world’s first and only rechargeable, instant-fit completely-in-the-canal (CIC) hearing aid, is a small and unobtrusive solution that delivers superior speech in noise performance. The hearing aid is also instant-fit, making the fitting process seamless, and will be offered with the option of customized earmolds. It also comes equipped with a built-in power bank to provide charging on the go and can be charged through USB 3.0 or with a wireless Qi charger.

Both models are available as IX CROS for wearers with single-sided deafness.