Serial Entrepreneur Embraces ClearOne Aura System for Simple, Professional-Grade Videoconferencing


Running several media and talent management companies is not an easy task under normal circumstances, but succeeding during an abnormal Covid quarantine requires a willingness to adapt, and adapt quickly, according to CelebExperts CEO Evan Morgenstein. 

As a talent representative and booker whose job requires making great first impressions and providing responsive, reliable service to clients, Morgenstein has been able to rise above the challenges presented by Covid with the help of the ClearOne Aura Versa 50 videoconferencing system that offers 4K video clarity and superior audio capture and playback.

“I have nearly constant interaction on a daily basis, and being in an ultra-competitive industry, it’s critical that I remain totally professional and ready to tackle new challenges and opportunities as they affect my clients,” Morgenstein explained. “Throughout 2020 it became apparent that my laptop’s webcam and microphone were no longer good enough, and that a professional-grade video conferencing solution from ClearOne would ensure that my meetings go smoothly, conversations are understood the first time, and that technology would never stand in the way of making a deal or signing a client.”

Citing the need to keep up with the times and ensure his brand remains relevant and on the cutting-edge, Morgenstein views his upgraded equipment as akin to his early adoption of the iPhone. Over the last year, he and his colleagues recognized they had to extend their businesses into the new virtual workplace in order to continue growing and not fall behind.

“In an environment where I’m competing with people half my age to represent influencers and celebrities, staying up-to-date on new technologies is quite literally a requirement of the job,” he said. “I have to show potential clients and business partners that I’m ready and able to use every available tool to help them be successful, and having a reliable, easy-to-use virtual collaboration system that blows away most people’s expectations of quality conveys an air of absolute control of the situation.”

The ClearOne Aura Versa 50 system is a massive upgrade from the integrated cameras and microphones found in laptops. The screen-mountable UNITE 50 4K ePTZ camera includes pan, tilt and 4x zoom functions controlled by a remote, while the CHAT 150 USB speakerphone provides crystal-clear HDConference® audio quality with physical buttons for volume and mute functions. Best of all, the entire system is exceedingly simple to set up and use with any computer and supports all virtual collaboration and video conferencing platforms

“I had fear of integrating a box of new equipment I wasn’t familiar with, but I soon found that ClearOne is a premier company with people who care and provide assistance well above and beyond what I expected,” he added. “With the Versa 50’s plug-and-play simplicity, I was up and running in literally one minute, and the difference was immediately clear to everyone I conferenced with. To be blunt, this is how a CEO of a multi-million dollar organization needs to present themself.”

In addition to the 4K video quality upgrade, Morgenstein said the improved audio clarity on both sides of the conversation helps keep meetings on schedule, aids in understanding non-native English speakers and limits the need for people to repeat themselves. Essentially, the goal is to achieve the responsiveness and feel of an in-person meeting.

“This new gear gives me confidence that I’m presenting exactly how I intend, and that clients who grew up surrounded by cutting-edge tech respect my ability to stay ahead of the curve,” he said. “I really have to be at my best at all times because guaranteeing clear communication with clients directly reflects on my capabilities as a promoter and talent representative. The message it sends is that we get it done, no matter what.”

Both the UNITE 50 4K ePTZ camera and CHAT 150 speakerphone are small enough to toss in a laptop bag, making them an ideal long-term solution that provides excellent value regardless of changing work environments. Morgenstein expects his work to resume some normalcy in the near future, which generally includes weekly travel that takes him away from the office while still requiring constant contact with any number of clients.

In addition to serving as CEO of CelebExperts, Morgenstein also runs the influencer marketing agency Digital Renegades and talent popularity rating service CelebrityTrending10.