Safe Zone to Make Equity Offering on the StartEngine Crowd Funding Platform

Reaffirming its commitment to meet the growing market demand for affordably priced and easy to install gunfire detection coverage, Safe Zone Technologies today announced the launch of an investment crowdfunding campaign on the StartEngine platform at

According to Safe Zone President Mike Anderson, the company plans to leverage the strength of the largest Reg CF and Reg A+ crowdfunding platform to raise $1 Million at a per-share price of $4.64. The funds will be utilized to expand production and marketing of its second-generation Safe Zone Gunfire Detection System, which now features a patented tri-mode data capture system and automated 9-1-1 data exchange.

Founded in 2016, Safe Zone has raised over $3 Million in multiple rounds led by St. Petersburg, Florida based Seedfunders, LLC.  Safe Zone has established a base of resellers that includes national distributors and more than 2,000 trained installers across the U.S. 

“Society’s need for a superior gunfire detection system that is affordable and easy to install for every type of venue grows stronger by the day, as the tragedies of the last few years demonstrate,” Anderson said today. “Safe Zone eliminates the barriers of cost and complication that have so far prevented gunfire detection from becoming a mainstream option for facilities of every type. Our goal is to grow from protecting 4000 lives daily now to protecting hundreds of millions of lives every day.”

At its current rate of growth, the market for gunfire detection is expected to become a $7 billion industry by 2026.  “No other solution currently available on the market matches Safe Zone’s accuracy, resolution, reliability and cost-efficiency,” he continued. “Safe Zone disrupts the industry, offering costs of up to 80% less than the traditional providers.”

Safe Zone combines state-of-the-art detection hardware with leading edge machine learning capabilities to create the world’s most sophisticated and reliable gunfire detection system brought to market. The system’s small inconspicuous sensors are designed to be quickly and easily installed throughout any facility to provide 24/7 active site-wide monitoring. When gunfire occurs, Safe Zone alerts on-site security, building occupants and local authorities within seconds and provides detailed information that includes number of shots fired, type of firearm and a map tracking the shooter’s location and movement.

Key to the system’s performance accuracy is the patented tri-mode data capture system that features acoustic, spectral infrared and shock sensors that instantaneously collect data that is then analyzed by a cloud-based machine learning system. 

When gunfire is confirmed, Safe Zone immediately activates the always-on RapidSOS network to 9-1-1 Emergency Communications Centers (ECC), providing rich meta data with all the critical information to facilitate a rapid, effective response to end the threat sooner. Safe Zone is the only gunfire detection system utilizing this state-of-the-art network.

Push alert notifications are immediately sent to team member mobile devices with the free mobile app that can be downloaded from the Apple Store and the Google Play Store. In addition, SMS text messages are sent to an unlimited number of contacts in a user-managed list. What’s more, Safe Zone open API easily integrates with other systems such as door locks, alarm panels, cameras and emergency notification systems that can be programmed to respond in the event of an alert.