Safe Zone to Host Weekly Webinars Throughout the Fall

Safe Zone, the industry-leading manufacturer and marketer of the next-generation Safe Zone Gunfire Detection System, today announced it will host in-depth webinars every Tuesday morning at 10:00 AM and Thursday afternoon at 1:00 PM throughout the upcoming fall season.

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Registration for Tuesday morning webinars is open here and registration for the Thursday afternoon webinars is open here.

“Due to increased interest from resellers and distributors, we have decided to expand our webinar schedule for the fall to empower security dealers to learn how to increase revenue and profits by offering gunfire detection systems to their existing clients,” Safe Zone President Mike Anderson said today.

The announcement of the expanded schedule of webinars comes on the heels of the company’s announcement that the Safe Zone system can now integrate with third-party IP camera systems, making it easier than ever to include the Safe Zone system as part of a truly complete security system that meets all of the security needs of today’s customers who operate public gathering venues of every type.

The Safe Zone Application Programming Interface (API) provides easy IP integration with certain 3rd party systems. The API delivers data from the Safe Zone gunshot detection system when an alert occurs. This information includes Timestamp, Location of Detector closest to the shooter, Firearm Format, Number of Shots Fired, and Address Information.

The provided data can be utilized by the 3rd party system in a variety of ways, including telling a video management system which camera to highlight to see an active shooter and automatically select the camera when a gunshot is detected, communicating with an access control system to lock certain doors to isolate an active shooter and allow threatened citizens to evacuate safely – or, alternatively, lockdown an entire building, activating a mass notification system to play an announcement warning of an active shooter in the building, and utilizing a lighting control system to darken the area where the shooter is located or flash the lights to disorient the active shooter.

Safe Zone is available in both Wi-Fi and PoE detector versions for $199.95 (Wi-Fi) and $299.95 (PoE) with mounting hardware included. Dealers can place orders through their local Safe Zone sales representative: Security Solutions (SSI) Lanier Rep Group (LRG), or Thomasson Marketing Group (TMG). The solution is also available from Anixter, ADI, Wesco and other mid-market regional distributors.