Robox® Becomes the First 3D Printing Manufacturer to Offer New Printing Materials From ColorFabb

CEL, the creators of the Robox 3D printer, today announced a new partnership with ColorFabb, the Dutch producer of high-quality filaments, to bring its wide range of new filament colors to CEL customers as “Robox SmartReels”. In the United States, CEL’s Robox 3D printer is offered through Stampede, North and Latin America’s leading distributor of integrated, custom-designed AV/IT technology solutions. CEL Robox is the first 3D printing manufacturer to have ColorFabb’s world-famous filament spooled directly onto their SmartReels.

This new partnership enables Robox customers to print with multiple colors in ColorFabb’s co-polyester filament ‘colorFabb_XT’, made from Eastman Chemical Company’s Amphora™ 3D Polymer. The colorFabb_XT filament is available today in a full range of colors, including red, orange, yellow, light green, dark green, light blue, purple, pink, black, white and clear.

ColorFabb_XT is made from Amphora™ 3D Polymer, a product of the Eastman Chemical Company, and has a number of advantages over both PLA and ABS materials. Amphora™ 3D Polymer is less brittle than PLA, and, because of its extremely low shrink rate, it is dimensionally more accurate than other materials, with good bed adhesion with strong inter-layer bonding. ColorFabb extrudes their blend of Amphora™ 3D Polymer in the Netherlands in their high-quality manufacturing suite which is especially designed to maintain high dimensional accuracy. 

Chris Elsworthy, CEO of CEL, commented: “The purpose of the CEL Robox project is to build an eco-system around an extremely user-friendly piece of hardware and to do this we want to bring together industry leaders to benefit 3D printer users. In this case, we have the first resin ever developed for 3D printing from Eastman, ColorFabb’s high-quality blending and extrusion and Robox’s user friendly SmartReel system. ColorFabb_XT is another high-quality material that we bring to our users to ensure their 3D printing experience is the best it can be. We are particularly interested in using this material in education applications as we feel it improves the reliability of printing and the strength of the end results.”

Ruud Rouleaux, CEO at ColorFabb said: “I first saw the Robox printer in action in 2014 and was immediately taken by the ease of use that Robox offers consumers. So when we began looking for a 3D printer to partner with, we naturally reached out to Robox to see how we could work together to make 3D printing in a range of different materials more accessible to everyone. We have found a partner in Robox that we can work together with to achieve our goal of allowing people to create functional and aesthetically beautiful prints.”

Alex Dudal, market development representative at Eastman Chemical Company, remarked: “Collaborations such as the one between CEL and ColorFabb are why Eastman is involved in the 3D printing market. Working with these leaders in the hardware and filament markets allows us to bring the benefits of Eastman Amphora™ 3D polymer to a wider audience.”

Eastman Amphora™ 3D polymer is a low-odor, styrene-free choice that is uniquely suited for 3D printing applications. With Amphora, customers can print items that are more functional, durable, efficient, and attractive.