Rhythm Tech Looks To Continue ‘Shaking Things Up’ For Musicians As Part Of Jam Industries

After recently being acquired by JAM Industries, Rhythm Tech is getting ready to begin the next great chapter in its 36-year history of pioneering meaningful innovations for modern drummers and percussionists.  According to company founder Richard Taninbaum, the best is still yet to come for the company that, among other things, introduced the now legendary crescent-shaped Rhythm Tech tambourine in 1980.

“Rhythm Tech is at a very exciting inflection point in its history,” Taninbaum said today. “As a JAM company we are now able to realize objectives that were previously out of reach for a company our size. New product areas, along with potential synergies with other brands under the JAM umbrella, open the future of the Rhythm Tech brand in many new and exciting ways. As the brand’s steward, I’m thrilled to continue to play an important role in this development and I look forward to contributing my efforts to help move the brand in these new directions.”

According to Taninbaum, creating something new, useful and accepted by an industry rooted in tradition is always very gratifying. Although the art of music is constantly evolving, the tools used to make music are mostly ‘old friends.’ Bringing something new and accepted into the process is what moves him to think about these tools in new ways. “I feel the quality and value of the instruments being produced in today’s MI industry are vastly superior to those of prior periods,” he emphasized.

“Due to advanced manufacturing techniques and materials, even budget instruments are more playable and less expensive, offering the greatest value to the armature and professional musician of any time in our history,” he emphasized. “For this reason, it is more important than ever for companies working in this industry to bring something more to the market. Innovation is the way for a brand to differentiate itself in a crowed field and Rhythm Tech will continue to differentiate itself through innovation. That’s the core of our DNA as a brand.” 

Indeed, Rhythm Tech’s roots in the music performance and production community run deep, even as it stays true to its habits of ‘shaking’ things up. Over the years, Rhythm Tech has introduced a number of classics, turning heads with the likes of the Trigger Triangle, EGGZ, and Canz, as well as its Stickball drumstick shaker and its HatTrick and HatShake G2 based shakers.

Looking to the future, Taninbaum noted, while not giving away too many details on new product plans, that, “Putting a unique slant on traditional drum and percussion instruments and accessories has always been Rhythm Tech’s prime focus. In the next phase of the company’s development I can see further expansion in this area creating useful tools for a changing music scene along with bringing our perspective to less traditional products as well, such as electronic and midi instruments. Additionally, the areas of home recording, DJ, and EDM are all exciting possibilities for product development integration of the Rhythm Tech esthetic and brand personality. Wherever there is a beat there is an opportunity for Rhythm Tech product development.”