Restaurant Guard™ Introduces Cyber Insurance Coverage for Restaurants

Demonstrating its commitment to provide insurance protection for every kind of risk restaurant owners and operators face, Restaurant Guard Insurance today introduced Cyber Coverage Protection to its portfolio of coverage areas, according to Vice President and Program Director Crystal Jacobs.

“Over the last decade, the cyber threat landscape has changed dramatically,” Jacobs said today. “While the loss or disclosure of personal or sensitive data used to be a company’s primary concern in assessing their cyber risk, businesses are increasingly facing threats to their ability to even conduct normal operations. Our new Cyber Coverage Protection is designed to provide restaurant owners with a complete blanket of coverage areas that address the cyber threats restaurant owners face today.” 

According to Jacobs, malicious threats like zero-day malware, ransomware, spyware, and scareware are on the rise but businesses can’t ignore unintended disclosure and human error risks. Business interruption, cyber extortion, loss of critical operational data and electronic crime present cumulative risks that restaurant owners must address. With Restaurant Guard’s Privacy Breach Response Services, restaurants have access to a comprehensive set of solutions created to protect their business from the dangerous world of cyber risks, including:

  1. Forensic and legal assistance from a panel of experts to help determine the extent of the breach and the steps needed to comply with applicable laws.

  2. Notification to persons who must be notified under applicable law.

  3. Discretionary notice to individuals potentially affected by the breach in which there is a resulting risk of financial, reputational or other harm.

  4. Credit monitoring and fraud protection services to affected individuals; alternatively, insureds may choose to offer their customers a data monitoring service.

  5. Public relations expenses, crisis management consultants, notifications to customers where notifications are not required by law, government-mandated public notices related to breach events.

Additional areas include Regulatory Defense & Penalties that covers defense expenses and penalties from a regulatory proceeding resulting from a violation of privacy law.

Website Media Content Liability covers damages and expenses for one or more of the following acts committed during the course of media activities: 

  1. Defamation, libel or slander

  2. Violation of the rights of privacy of an individual

  3. Invasion or interference with an individual’s right of publicity

  4. Plagiarism, piracy, misappropriation of ideas

  5. Infringement of copyright

  6. Infringement of domain name, trademark, trade name, trade dress, logo etc.

  7. Improper deep-linking or framing within electronic content

PCI Fines and Penalties indemnifies the insured for PCI fines and expenses that they may incur following a breach. Cyber Extortion Loss provides coverage for payments made to prevent or stop a threat to breach computer security, destroy or corrupt data, or interrupt computer systems. Enhanced First Party Computer Security Coverage provides for first party computer security for clients after a security breach during the period of restoration, including data restoration, data recreation and system restoration costs. Enhanced coverage also includes costs related to business interruption, lost income and extra expenses from the time of an attack.

“We live in challenging and dangerous times,” Jacobs emphasized.  “Restaurant owners face threats to their reputations, physical safety, privacy, data, and their daily operations. We will continue to evolve and expand our policy offerings to ensure that owners are protected against all of the many risks they face today.”