Restaurant Guard™ Insurance Program to Debut from U.S. Risk Insurance Group at TRA Marketplace 2019

Underscoring its commitment to provide customized specialty lines of insurance that meet the real-world needs of specific vertical markets, U.S. Risk Insurance Group today announced it will debut Restaurant Guard™ Insurance, a comprehensive new program for small and independent restaurant owner operators, at TRA Marketplace 2019 (July 14-15) in Houston, Texas at Booth #1432 in the George R. Brown Convention Center.

“Restaurant owner/operators face a unique set of risks that can threaten the health and sustainability of their business, and Restaurant Guard™ Insurance mitigates against these risks in a comprehensive way that has never been offered prior to this industry by any other insurance solutions provider,” said Restaurant Guard Vice President and Program Director Crystal Jacobs. “Our program begins with coverage for foodborne illness and adds whatever coverages a restaurant owner needs, from personal, professional and staff liability to valet parking, employment practices liability and terrorism. Restaurant Guard is the insurance answer the restaurant industry has been asking for.”

According to Jacobs, while Restaurant Guard will make its formal debut in the local Texas market at TRA Marketplace 2019 in July the program is available now nationwide to restaurant owner/operators either directly from Restaurant Guard Insurance or from their local insurance agent. Restaurant owner/operators can find out more by visiting or contacting Crystal Jacobs directly at (214) 647-5003 or at

“No matter how careful you are, food-borne illness is a constant threat to a restaurant business and brand,” Jacobs emphasized. “That’s why you shouldn’t open your doors without Restaurant Guard, a customized insurance solution that starts with food-borne illness coverage that includes costs to replace contaminated food, required equipment cleaning, loss of income from shutdowns, medical tests or vaccinations for employees, crisis management, PR and more. Limits up to $25M are available and premiums start at only $300.”

Restaurant Guard Insurance coverage triggers include food-borne illness and disease outbreak, supplier contamination, public health authority announcements, malicious tampering and workplace violence, as well as adverse publicity and product extortion.

“Now food-borne illness coverage can be part of a total restaurant insurance solution that includes Professional Liability, Management Liability — even Parking and Valet Services. We can also provide coverage for some of today’s harshest realities with our Combined Crisis Cover (CCC),” Jacobs emphasized.

Combined Crisis Cover (CCC) is the first comprehensive, affordably-priced insurance that covers Malicious Acts, Active Assailants and Terrorism. It offers up to $35 million annually for loss or liability in the event of, or even the threat of, malicious or terrorist acts. Under some policies you may not be able to claim a Business Interruption (BI) loss if no physical property damage occurred. With CCC you can file a claim even if the loss was caused by a threat. And there are no government determinations or thresholds to meet.