Restaurant Guard™ Expands Insurance Coverage to Include Large Independents and National Chains

Responding to the market demand for large independent and national chain restaurants, Restaurant Guard Insurance today kicked off the new year with the announcement that its groundbreaking, comprehensive restaurant insurance program is now available to large independent and national chain restaurant owner/operators.

“Large restaurants, small restaurants, every size restaurant can now take advantage of the channel-specific coverages provided by the Restaurant Guard Insurance Program,” explained Vice President and Program Director Crystal Jacobs. “Frankly, we are making this move after being approached by larger owner/operators who are looking for an alternative to the current primary market provider that can cover more areas and provide better customer service. Restaurant Guard Insurance can do both.”

According to Jacobs, Restaurant Guard Insurance initially focused on smaller independent restaurants when the program was launched in July 2019. “This was the market segment that was the least informed about the kind of coverages they needed to mitigate against the risks they face from foodborne illness and other restaurant-specific problems. 

“The response from these smaller restaurants has been terrific,” Jacobs emphasized, “and now we can expand our market focus through expanded market relationships with specific underwriters.”

Introduced in July 2019 by the U.S. Risk Insurance Group, Restaurant Guard Insurance coverage triggers include food-borne illness and disease outbreak, supplier contamination, public health authority announcements, malicious tampering and workplace violence, as well as adverse publicity and product extortion. Specific coverage includes disease outbreak costs; pre-incident expenses, extra expenses, employee expenses; lost revenue replacement and lost royalty income; recall costs and extortion costs; consultant costs; and brand rehabilitation expenses.

“No matter how careful you are, food-borne illness is a constant threat to a restaurant’s business and brand,” Jacobs emphasized. “That’s why restaurant owner/operators shouldn’t open their doors without Restaurant Guard Insurance in place. This customized insurance solution starts with food-borne illness coverage and expands from there to include costs to replace contaminated food, required equipment cleaning, loss of income from shutdowns, medical tests or vaccinations for employees, crisis management, PR and more.