RealMotion Now Integrates With Notch Creative Software

Full support for Notch WYSIWYG software and NDI video streaming protocol empowers content creators to utilize the latest tools for digital content creation.

RealMotion, the new technology venture stemming from award-winning experiential design firm Float4, today announced the market introduction of the next generation of its transformative RealMotion content generation and editing platform which now supports full integration with Notch software.

According to Director of RealMotion Geoffrey Platt, the second generation updates stem from user requests and research, and they underscore the company’s commitment to make the RealMotion platform the most powerful, flexible and creative content generation and delivery system available for entertainment purposes today.

“We listen to our users,” Platt emphasized, “and we want to evolve RealMotion into a platform that optimizes workflows in the way that creative professionals work in entertainment today. By adding full integration support for Notch, we are directly addressing the industry’s need for the best tools that empower professionals to produce their very best work.”

In addition to the Notch integration, RealMotion now supports the NDI video streaming protocol, offering creators even more flexibility for every project.

The company is also adjusting its product catalog, evolving from performance-based configurations into versions designed for specific vertical market applications, beginning with fixed installations. This new organization will provide end-users with the specific tools and capabilities they need for the work they do, and comes as a result of market needs.

“Ultimately, the new capabilities introduced today and the upcoming new product configurations will unleash a lot more power for creativity,” Platt added. “Anything we can do to make RealMotion more attractive to creators, we will do. That’s why we are working to integrate popular products creators are already using. Adding functionality allows more of the content creation process to occur within the RealMotion platform, optimizing workflows.”

Matt Swoboda, Founder of Notch, said today, “At Notch, we’re committed to making software for content creators that’s flexible and scalable. We enable our users to realize their creative and optimize their workflow, giving them the power of rendering in real-time without having to code. Ultimately, we’re putting the creator back in charge of the creative, and we are looking forward to seeing how the integration announced today will be used by RealMotion creators. RealMotion already has a great deal of power and flexibility which makes it really exciting, particularly in the fixed install space – and even more so when combined with Notch.”

The combination of performance, reliability, and flexibility separates the RealMotion platform from its competition. In terms of real-time power, RealMotion is designed for maximum speed and pixel throughput and is capable of driving up to 12 FHD signals with crossfade, video playback and interactive generative content layers while capturing two 4K signals. RealMotion also sets a new benchmark for reliable 24/7 performance and real-time monitoring — thanks to a design that empowers complex projects while allowing operators to be informed of hardware health status.

Finally, RealMotion is distinguished by its flexibility. It is an intuitive, time saving solution made by media professionals for media professionals. Well documented, easy to learn, quick to operate and agnostic of most inputs, outputs and content assets, RealMotion is designed to interface with other technologies and provide support throughout the entire project workflow.

The idea for the RealMotion platform came from real-world design experiences of the Float4 studio team who were working on creating compelling digital experiences within physical spaces for forward-thinking clients like the Sofitel Baltimore Paris Hotel, the Hotel Mere in Canada, eBay’s corporate headquarters, the Seneca Buffalo Casino, and the Liberty Lights Mall in Cincinnati, Ohio, among others.