Protect Your Electronics From Summer Storm Surges With The Panamax Power360

According to a 2015 Summer Forecast published by Farmers’ Almanac, it’s going to be a hot and humid summer for much of the country. These predicted conditions result in regular and severe afternoon thunderstorms that all too frequently cause power surges and outages. However, what many don’t know, at least until it’s too late, is that power spikes and disruptions are more than temporary inconveniences; they actually leave your plugged-in electronic devices vulnerable to destruction–destruction of both the device itself as well as the irreplaceable photos, videos, and messages stored within.

That’s why it’s critical to insure your electronics and personal content with Panamax, the country’s preeminent brand of electronic protection, filtration and control products. Panamax recently introduced the Power360, a series of next-generation power stations designed to protect against surges while charging all types of electronic devices. 

The Power360 Series turns a simple power outlet into a serious power station for any electronic device. In the event of a power spike, the Power360’s Protect-or-Disconnect circuitry will disconnect all power to connected equipment before any damage can occur. Additionally, Power360’s SmartGuard technology monitors incoming voltage and will automatically disconnect power to connected equipment in a prolonged unsafe voltage event (such as a brownout or lost neutral condition) and then automatically reset power when conditions are safe.

Every product in the Power360 line includes the Circle of Protection indicator, which provides three vital pieces of information in real-time, right on the front of the unit. The Protection indicator identifies that connected devices are protected from power surges; the Voltage indicator confirms that the incoming voltage is in a safe range; and the Wiring indicator shows that the home’s wiring is performing safely.

Leading the way in the new Power 360 Series is the P360-DOCK. This wall-mounted charging station delivers the Panamax “Circle of Protection” to connected devices while serving as a convenient USB charging station for smartphones and tablets. For just $39.95, the P360-DOCK turns a standard power outlet into a serious power station with six surge-protected 120V outlets plus a 2.1 amp charger with two USB ports. The ingenious design also features a cradle on top of the unit that allows consumers to rest a two smartphones or a tablet while charging, reducing clutter and eliminating anxiety about charging cables being too short.

The $59.95 P360-6 power strip is designed for general use and home office power management, providing six side-by-side surge protected outlets, an integrated 2.1 amp USB charger with two ports, plus a coaxial in/out connection that protects the signal for the cable or satellite box. What makes this power center stand out is the USB charger is modular and can be extended to the tabletop with the included micro USB cable, delivering ultimate flexibility that allows consumers to easily charge desktop devices without having to get on their hands and knees to plug them in. The P360-6 also features mounting holes so it can be fastened to a wall for convenience.

For larger workstations, or areas with a lot of devices, the $79.95 P360-8 combines eight surge-protected outlets with two detachable 2.1A USB chargers, each with two ports for a total of four USB charging connections, plus the coaxial in/out for signal protection. It is shorter and wider than the P360-6, and can similarly be mounted to a wall for convenience.

 “With the introduction of the Panamax Power360 Series we really are bringing ‘power to the people,’” said John Benz, Core Brands Director of Power emphasized today. “Designed to look as good as they perform, and affordably priced, the Panamax Power360 Series will change the way consumers view protection and USB charging in their homes. The era of poor performing, commodity power protection is over.” 

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