Primax and Ambient Photonics Collaborate to Create Breakthrough Solar-Powered Computer Mouse with Limitless Energy Supply

Primax, a total solutions provider for the 3 senses in 1 (interface, visual, and audio), has partnered with Ambient Photonics, pioneers of low-light, indoor solar cell technology for everyday electronics, to develop the Primax Ambient Solar Mouse, a cutting-edge PC peripheral featuring Ambient’s Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell (DSSC) technology that eliminates the need for traditional disposable batteries.

“Indoor light is the future power source for billions of connected devices, from consumer tech devices to building sensors and other ambient IoT technologies,” stated Ambient Photonics Co-Founder & CEO Bates Marshall. “Our collaboration with Primax represents the convergence of shared expertise and a vision for a more sustainable, carbon-neutral world. By integrating our solar technology into the Primax Ambient Solar Mouse, we are not only advancing the capabilities of PC peripherals but also contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable future.”

The Primax Ambient Solar Mouse harnesses the power of Ambient Photonics’ DSSC technology to transform ambient light into a sustainable energy source, eliminating the need for traditional disposable batteries and providing users with a greener and more efficient computing experience. More than three billion disposable batteries end up in landfills each year.

Unlike other, higher-cost solar technologies that require unrealistically bright conditions, Ambient Photonics solar cells are built for real-world, low-light applications. They use revolutionary new molecules and manufacturing processes to harness indoor and outdoor ambient light to create an endless power source.

Ambient Photonics cells demonstrate three times better light harvesting efficiency than conventional solutions, which means a single Ambient Photonics solar cell can produce the power it would normally take much larger indoor cells to produce.

“Primax is committed to extending the boundaries of innovation and sustainability to the entire consumer electronics industry,” Sam Chan, Senior RD Director at Primax. “Teaming up with Ambient Photonics allows us to integrate cutting-edge solar technology into our products, which aligns with our total dedication to creating solutions that are as high performing as they are climate-friendly. The Primax Ambient Solar Mouse is a testament to our commitment to providing consumers with new products that not only enhance the user experience but also contribute to a more sustainable future.”

The Primax collaboration is one in a series of strategic Ambient Photonics partnerships that signal the growing adoption and proliferation of solar cell technology in the consumer electronics industry.

Over the past year, Ambient has struck commercial agreements with some of the world’s largest consumer tech OEMs and ODMs. To meet the exploding demand for its solar cells, the company opened its state-of-the-art Fab 1 factory in Scotts Valley, California – which has capacity to produce tens of millions of solar cells each year and completed its first shipment of production cells in Fall 2023.

In 2025, the company will be opening Fab 2, Ambient’s second US-based factory to further scale to meet demand and deliver on orders.