PIP Global Safety Selects TrusTrace to Support Corporate Sustainability Initiatives, Including UFLPA Law Compliance

TrusTrace, a global SaaS (Software as a Service) company with a market-leading platform for supply chain traceability and compliance data management, today announced that PIP Global Safety, a leading supplier of protective workwear equipment with over 30 brands globally, has selected the TrusTrace platform to support its traceability needs, including evidence collection to prove compliance for the UFLPA (Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act).

“Our goal is to support global brands with the traceability data they need to succeed,” TrusTrace CEO and Co-Founder Shameek Ghosh said. “PIP Global Safety is a leading provider of head-to-toe safety solutions. We’re thrilled to support their sustainability and corporate responsibility initiatives and help them comply with impactful regulations by automating their supply chain data collection of granular, product-level data.”

PIP Global Safety will now leverage verified, real-time data on the TrusTrace platform to provide deeper visibility into the cotton used within the company’s PPE and workwear products. The partnership will also improve the efficiency of chain of custody data collection for UFLPA compliance – a U.S. regulation that is compelling companies to assess risks in their supply chain and implement processes to ensure that suppliers are not using forced labor.

PIP Global Safety previously managed their supply chain traceability manually; now, TrusTrace will automate the process, changing how data is collected, digitized and shared. “After an extensive vetting process, we selected TrusTrace as our traceability platform because of their ability to provide us with detailed, product-level data that enables us to thoroughly and accurately map our supply chains,” said Nathan McCormick, Senior VP of Operations & Integrated Supply Chain at PIP Global Safety. “While a lot of laws and regulations around due diligence have not yet come into force, we are taking a proactive approach to ensure that we’re ahead of the curve to support our customers’ needs while proactively monitoring for risk of forced labor in our supply chain.”

In addition to supporting regulatory compliance, TrusTrace supports PIP Global Safety’s long-standing sustainability and social responsibility initiatives. PIP Global Safety has pledged to continually identify opportunities to minimize their environmental footprint while still maximizing protection against occupational hazards. This commitment extends to multiple aspects of the business, including Manufacturing Processes, Sustainability-Driven Programs, Recycled Products, Social Sustainability and Future Initiatives.

TrusTrace is a leader in fashion supply chain traceability, providing 50+ global fashion and retail brands with verified data, as materials and finished goods move through the supply chain. Through its open architecture, the TrusTrace platform integrates seamlessly with retailer, manufacturer and supplier systems, as well as other third-parties, such as certification agencies, lifecycle datasets and other sustainability solution providers.