Peachtree Corners, Georgia Creates 21st Century Town Green with New 22’ by 12.5’ NanoLumens Outdoor LED Display

When Peachtree Corners, Georgia began a complete redevelopment of its two-acre Town Green, local officials saw an opportunity to deliver on the city’s motto of “Innovative and Remarkable” by creating a forward-thinking outdoor space that serves the entire community. The recently completed downtown park features play structures and interactive water features for kids, ample seating, a professional performance stage — and a crown jewel 22-foot-wide by 12.5-foot-tall NanoLumens LED display.

According to Brandon Branham, Assistant City Manager and Finance Director, an outdoor video display was a critical component of a complete plan designed to deliver a family-friendly community space that can host a variety of events for thousands of people.

“The Peachtree Corners Town Green is a place where our entire community can come together to enjoy the outdoors, and a large LED digital display at the center of the green is critical to many of our planned events,” Branham said. “In addition to the live concert stage, the NanoLumens display and accompanying audio system allows us to create a regular schedule of viewings that include movies, professional and collegiate sporting events, and even live-streams of our concerts in real-time.” During the development stage, Branham found that many other towns use portable projectors and blow-up movie screens, but they end up only being used a handful of times each year. 

“We wanted a solution that we could use every day for years to come and would be a recognizable fixture of the park instead of an occasional treat,” he added. “By choosing a NanoLumens display, we are supporting a local technology success story and gaining a highly effective advertising and entertainment medium. This display elevates our community and brings people together on a regular basis. We showed our first outdoor movie on June 1, and it was thrilling to see how much our residents enjoyed this high-tech outdoor space.” 

The city contracted Corus360, a local Peachtree Corners technology solutions provider, to install the video and audio systems throughout the Town Green, including the performance stage and NanoLumens LED display. To hear Corus360 Sales Executive Ben Howell tell it, residents were eagerly anticipating the Town Green and were excited for the years of planning to come to fruition.

“It’s been a hot topic for a lot of my neighbors in the last 12 months, and for me, it’s pretty incredible to assist with a high-profile public project that I also get to benefit from as a local resident,” Howell said. “The most important discussions we had were about the display’s size and pixel pitch, because we wanted it to be viewable from up close, as well as hundreds of feet away. With a 10mm pixel pitch, the 22-foot by 12.5-foot NanoLumens display delivers a bright 16:9 aspect ratio canvas that can be viewed in direct sunlight from any angle.”

Each weekend, when the green gets the most traffic, the city is maximizing the display’s utility by showing promotions for other local events and offering advertising opportunities for local partners and businesses. Before a recent weekend concert, the display showed photos from the Town Green’s grand opening, which drew more than 4,000 people, in addition to restaurant promotions, and then played a live stream of the concert.

According to the city and installation partners, the NanoLumens display was chosen because it’s bright, viewable from any angle, doesn’t produce sun glare, and is guaranteed to last for years, even under 24-hour-a-day operation. The manufacturer offers the best warranty of any large display solution – a 6-year, down to the pixel warranty made possible by the innovative Nixel-based design that uses small LED panels to create large, bezel-less displays of any size, shape or curvature.

“Peachtree Corners is innovating their public spaces and representing what a true 21st century community can look like,” said Arch Nelson, NanoLumens Regional Sales Director-Southeast. “After installing a NanoLumens LED display at the new City Hall building in early 2018, they recognized how the combination of simplicity, reliability and broad functionality delivered a superior technology solution. We’re thrilled to grow our relationship with the city and, as residents ourselves, are humbled to be part of this great public project that brings joy to residents.”