Orlando Residents Can Learn The Fundamentals Of Drone Technology At An Interactive Two-Day Seminar On June 15

For the first time ever,Orlando area residents will have the chance to participate in a Drone fundamentals course that will teach them the basics of safe Drone operation and the many capabilities of unmanned aerial vehicles. The seminar, hosted by Unmanned Vehicle University (www.uxuuniversity.com) in partnership with InfoComm, will take place at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, on June 15 and 16. Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Unmanned Vehicle University is the only university in the world that is licensed to offer graduate degree programs in Unmanned Systems Engineering Engineering and Project Management Certificates in unmanned systems technology.

“This is an intense two-day course that covers all aspects of UAS and Drone technology that are typically discussed in a UAC/301/601 Unmanned Aircraft Fundamentals Course,” Unmanned Vehicle University Provost John Minor explained. “This course provides new participants to the UAS and Drone industry with a quick, comprehensive overview of all the technologies and involved with the safe and effective operations of a drone.”

 The Orlando seminar, which runs from June 15 to June 16, is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive introduction to all basic UAS/Drone concepts, including sensors and payloads, data and communication links, propulsion systems and navigation systems. “By the end of this course, participants will be able to describe the various UAS/Drone components and accurately explain the strengths and weaknesses of UAS/Drone com/data link,” Minor added. “This session is an invaluable experience for anyone looking to learn more about drone technology, especially AV professionals who are looking to integrate drones into commercial applications.” 

For $1,499, participants will receive a comprehensive introduction to one of the fastest growing career opportunities in the world. “Our two-day seminar is optimal for people looking to increase their UAV employment opportunities, start their own UAV business, or begin a career as a UAV Pilot,” Minor said.  “There are unlimited opportunities for Drones in commercial applications in markets like production, security and healthcare. We strive to provide professionals with the tools to safely incorporate Drones in these markets.”

Following the two-day seminar, Unmanned Vehicle University will be hosting free Unmanned Systems and Drone Education Sessions for all registered attendees at InfoComm 2015. These presentations are designed to give participants an insight into the commercial applications for Drone technology as part of an overall AV solution. For more information on free sessions during InfoComm, visit the event page

For more information on registration, visit the InfoComm website or www.uxvuniversity.com. Any active duty member of the United States Armed Forces will automatically receive a $100 discount off the $1,499 seminar fee. Please call 602-759-7372 or email jroetzer@uxvuniverstiy.com to claim your coupon code for online ordering.