One Village Coffee Partners with BKON to Launch its First Canned Cold Brew Product

BKON, leading beverage technology innovator and the inventor of the RAIN™ (Reverse Atmospheric Infusion®) brewing process, today announced a partnership with specialty coffee roaster One Village Coffee to launch the company’s first line of canned cold brew products.

Working with BKON, One Village Coffee will soon deliver six-packs of 12 fl oz cans to select Wegmans stores in the Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Maryland markets. Single cans will be available at several regional independent markets and grocers. Both products will also be available for pick up at One Village Coffee’s roastery in Souderton, PA.

According to One Village Coffee President Andrea Hackman, BKON’s RAIN technology is single handedly helping them develop fresh, long-lasting packaged cold brew that meets the growing demands of both consumers and grocers alike.

“Our customers started asking for cold brew about a year ago,” Hackman said. “But, we didn’t feel confident launching a product, as existing brewing methods resulted in a flavor profile that was short-lived and flat.”

After developing a recipe with BKON, One Village Coffee’s calculus changed.

“Once we tested the RAIN brewing process, we immediately realized it was our solution,” Hackman added. “They were able to execute on our vision for excellent flavor and shelf life that we couldn’t accomplish on our own. Now, we can focus on what we do best – roasting – while BKON handles the grinding and brewing.”

One Village Coffee is now delivering canned cold brew coffee to their retail partners with greater speed and volume, backed by the assurance that consumers can finally experience a fresh taste months after production.

According to BKON, this growth and product expansion is precisely what RAIN was intended to offer beverage producers. “RAIN is helping beverage makers enter new markets, grow their businesses, and redefine what high-quality really means,” said Dean Vastardis, co-founder at BKON. “One Village Coffee has been an excellent partner, and we’re excited for retailers and consumers to have access to cafe-quality cold brew any time and in larger quantities.”

One Village Coffee has always done things a little differently, such as their partnership with Shared-X. The coffee used to create the cold brew is from Finca Matapalo, an Impact Farming coffee produced by Shared-X. Impact Farming empowers farmers to take pride in who they are and what they do by creating a value chain of transparency, access to markets, deep care for people and the environment, and dedication to innovation.

“Our goal is to sell as much coffee as possible from Finca Matapalo, and this new BKON-brewed product line enables us to do that,” Hackman said.

While other cold brew methods rely on suspending coffee particles in water, BKON’s RAIN technology uses a much more advanced process to extract every succulent note from any ingredient a beverage producer wants to extract into liquid. First, a vacuum removes the gases from the ingredient’s structure. Water is then infused into the empty spaces, where it absorbs the flavors and aromas contained in the ingredients. By controlling the strength, duration and frequency of vacuum cycles, RAIN extracts far more flavor than traditional brewing methods.

“BKON has been an amazing team to work with – the value they deliver through their technology and beverage crafting experience has helped us determine the best path forward,” Hackman concluded. “Having a responsive, knowledgeable partner makes all the difference when launching a new product.”

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