Numera Libris Mobile PERS Adds EverThere Health Tracker to Help Seniors Successfully Age in Place

Underscoring its commitment to provide a complete ecosystem of safety and security products that extend beyond the home to encompass personal health and wellness, Nortek Security & Control (NSC) today announced that its Numera® Libris® mobile personal emergency response solution (mPERS) now features free access to its EverThere® basic service and access to an optional health tracking service. Auto-emergency aware with advanced fall-detection technology, Libris is now a complete mobile health, wellness and personal safety solution. The introduction was made at ISC West 2018 at Nortek Security & Control Booth #20015.

EverThere® Health Tracker is a cloud-based service designed to track and visualize vital biometric data – such as pulse, blood pressure, and weight – with an option to share this information with family members and caregivers. EverThere promotes proactive wellness through health tracking and social engagement by providing customizable notifications linked to device and location information as well as health measurement data.

“Being able to remotely monitor the health and wellness of our loved ones is essential to helping them age in place in safely and securely,” Michael Pirie, VP Health & Wellness for NSC said today. “Adding the EverThere® Health Tracker service with Numera® Libris® makes it easier for active seniors and their families to integrate personal biometric data into their proactive approach to health and wellness. Offering the basic EverThere service with location and device information free-of-charge makes it now easily accessible for all Libris users.” 

EverThere gives families and care teams access to health for a more comprehensive view of the individual’s well-being. With designated Bluetooth-enabled devices, seniors simply take their measurements – such as weight and blood pressure – and this information is automatically uploaded to the EverThere cloud, where it can be viewed by family members and caregivers.

To promote easy communication, EverThere works like a secure family-and-caregiver-only social media platform, allowing the individual’s family and care team to exchange messages and check in on the status of the individual.

“The EverThere basic service is free-of-charge to encourage the sharing personal safety information with family and caregivers. Dealers can easily upgrade users to Health Tracker and send them preconfigured and paired biometric devices for easy onboarding,” Pirie emphasized. “It promotes a proactive approach to wellness that is beneficial for the individual and family members alike.”

To demo the new feature in-person, visit the Nortek Security & Control Booth #20015 at ISC West 2018, or visit for more information.

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