Nortek Security & Control Enhances Gun Safety with the 2GIG Gun Motion Detector

Nortek Security & Control Enhances Gun Safety with the 2GIG Gun Motion Detector

New sensor adds peace of mind by immediately notifying an owner if their gun has been moved.

Recognizing that gun safety is now a critical component of personal security, Nortek Security & Control (NSC) today announced the introduction of the 2GIG® Gun Motion Detector™ – a smart sensor with a steel, 3-digit combination trigger lock that will send a timely notification to the gun owner if it detects movement.

“Gun safety is an issue that is top-of-mind in our country today,” said Nortek Security & Control Sr. Product Line Manager, Robert Wong. “And it can now be integrated into the home security system. Ideal for collectible, display, and secondary weapons, the 2GIG Gun Motion Detector™ adds an important notification layer on the industry-standard 3-digit combination trigger lock, providing gun owners with more peace-of-mind.” 

The gun motion detector integrates into the 2GIG® home security system, providing a timely alert to a homeowner’s security panel or smartphone if their gun is moved. Fitting most handguns, rifles, and shotguns, the detector includes a 3-digit steel combination lock. The 2GIG Gun Motion Detector is a certified gun safety device by the California Department of Justice and should only be used on an unloaded weapon.

The 2GIG Gun Motion Detector™ is part of the new line of 2GIG notification sensors, which add peace of mind with innovative new detection features that personalize safety and security benefits to meet the needs of each customer.

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