Niles In-Wall Soundbar Turns Living Room TV Into a True Cinematic Experience

Modern flat screen TVs are incredible improvements over years past, with even some budget models providing fantastic viewing. The sound quality, however, is lacking on even the most expensive models simply because of size constraints. One Pennsylvania family has found the ultimate solution to this problem — the Niles Cynema Soundfield in-wall soundbar, which provides professional-quality audio from a nearly invisible speaker.

“The Ginter family already had their TV where they liked it, but between the lackluster audio and the four remotes needed to operate the TV, cable box, Blu-ray player and Apple TV, the viewing experience could turn into a chore,” said Keith Foltz, owner of custom installation firm Momentum Sound and Media. “Being mounted above a shallow fireplace mantle, going into the wall was the only choice for a simple, high-quality speaker solution. The Niles Cynema Soundfield provides audio quality that rivals bookshelf left, center and right speakers without the mess of wires or the space required for big boxes, and the Sunfire SDS-8 subwoofer provides all the bass the family needs to enjoy a cinematic viewing experience.”

Using adjacent cabinets and running all wires through the drywall, Foltz was able to create a premium home media center that fit not only his clients’ space constraints, but their budget as well. The award-winning Niles Cynema Soundfield passive in-wall soundbar provides crystal clear audio and is powered by a Marantz NR-1605 receiver, which also sends audio to the compact Sunfire SDS-8 eight-inch subwoofer. What’s even better is Foltz added the Sunfire SDS wireless subwoofer kit, so the only wire required for the subwoofer is the power cord, making it easy to place the sub anywhere in the room.

To tie together the new premium audio components and make this four-remote media setup easier to use, Foltz recommended the Ginters install the new ELAN g1 universal remote and control system. With this small but powerful system, the family now has instant access to all their favorite media from a single remote control, the award-winning ELAN HR2. The remote includes a 2.4-inch touchscreen to easily navigate between the cable box, Blu-ray player and Apple TV, while also providing all the normal hard buttons for common functions like changing channels and volume, play/pause and more.

Speaking of the finished product, homeowner Elizabeth Ginter said, “I’m very pleased with the installation process and the time Keith took to blend the equipment into the wall below our TV. I also like how everything works together on one remote now, and again Keith took the time and care to program everything so it’s easy to use.”

To protect all of the equipment Foltz went to the leader in power conditioning, Panamax, and installed the Panamax MR4000surge protector and power conditioner that automatically monitors incoming voltage and disconnects equipment power in case of a brownout (under voltage) or a surge of power. When all was said and done the total installation came to around $3,000 (not counting the existing TV), a small and affordable price to pay for a truly premium home entertainment system that is easy to use and keeps all the components and wires hidden!

“This was one installation that really turned into a family affair — a Core Brands family solution that provided best-in-class brand solutions to complete an amazing new system for this family,” Foltz concluded.