New Vestia Vacuum-Sealable Dry Food Storage Containers Preserve Food, Reduce Waste, and Help Consumers Economize

Answering the growing consumer demand for more environmentally friendly food storage options that go beyond single-use disposable packaging, Vestia ( today announced the market introduction of the patent pending Vestia-Vac™ family of stackable, automatic vacuum-sealable dry food storage containers that preserve food five times longer, reduce waste, and help consumers save money. 

“As much as 40% of the food produced in America every year is wasted and up to 25% of the food Americans actually purchase is wasted through the use of poorly-designed packaging that doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do,” Marketing Director Mark Hantout said today. “Vestia-Vac provides consumers with an affordable way to enhance dry food preservation while taking one more important stand for environmentalism.”

The heart of the patent pending Vestia container storage system is the removable, battery powered (two AA batteries not included) Vestia-Vac Vacuum Sealer that easily attaches to the top of every Vestia container. Consumers simply have to put their dry food into a container, attach Vestia-Vac to the container top, activate the one-touch vacuum seal, and look for the red indicator light to go on, indicating that the process is complete. The vacuum seal can be re-activated after every use!

Once complete, the Vestia-Vac sealer automatically detaches from the top of the container.  The durable, BPA-free scratch and shatter-resistant Vestia containers are made from recycled plastic and are refrigerator and dishwasher safe.  Each container features an independently settable food storage date dial to help consumers monitor the storage time of each food item. Vestia containers are designed to be stacked, making storage easier while minimizing cupboard space.

The Vestia container storage system is available for immediate delivery in a variety of configurations and suggested retail pricing:

Vestia Container System— $49.99 (contains one Vestia Vac™, one one-liter container, one 1.5-liter container, and one 2-liter container)

Additional Vestia-Vac™ — $19.99 (does not include container or lid)

Vestia Individual Containers — $12.99 for the one-liter container, $14.99 for the 1.5-liter container, and $16.99 for the 2-liter container

Houseware retailers and specialty grocery stores interested in carrying the Vestia-Vac product line can contact Vicki White, Vice President of Retail Sales, at (847) 913-5657 or email her at  Mark Hantout, Vestia’s Marketing and Creative Director, can be contacted at